Scarlett Johansson Will No Longer Play Transgender Man In Upcoming Movie

Entertainment | Mike Brest
She's out!

Angry Lesbians FORCIBLY BLOCK Gay Pride March Because They Don't Like Transgender Dudes

World | Eric Owens
'We don't want any kind of penis in our bedroom'

We're Damaging Kids With Sex Hormones And Genital Surgery To Placate RADICAL Transgender Ideology

Opinion | Jane Robbins
Political extremism has replaced professional judgment

Spain Is Sending A Biological Male To Compete In The Miss Universe Pageant

Entertainment | Jena Greene

This Comedian Has Had Enough Of The Intolerant Left And Its Insanity Over Transgender Issues

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'You are a fascist liberal...'

Trump Changes Guidelines For Transgender Inmates -- Liberals Are Livid

Politics | Mike Brest

WHINY AND BROKEN: The Linguistic Minefield Of Today's Politically Correct Tranny

op-ed | Sophia Narwitz
All of this makes us look like the whiniest and most broken people on the planet

Federal Gov't Dumping $1 Million To Study Transgender Children

US | Andrew Kerr
'utterly ridiculous'

This Model Is Trying To Become The First Transgender Victoria's Secret Model

Entertainment | Jena Greene
You won't believe this

Boston Marathon Rules Trans Women Can Compete As Women

US | Jena Greene
This decision makes no sense

Woman Sues Tinder For Keeping Trans People Offline

op-ed | Jena Greene
There's just one little issue

California Gave Charles Manson Far Better Health Care Than It Provides To Obamacare Recipients

op-ed | Lloyd Billingsley
The sub-loathsome convict suffered no delays, paid no bills and never worried about a doctor

Popular Women's Retailer Opens Fitting Rooms To All Genders After Social Media Outrage

Business | Jena Greene
Is this smart?

Playboy Ruins What The Magazine Was Built On With Transgender Playmate

Entertainment | Ford Springer
This goes against everything the magazine was built on

Gay News Site Celebrates LGBT History Month By Declaring That Everyone's Ancestors Were Gay

Education | Eric Owens
Also, every school 'from preschool through university' needs to teach special gay history

Gay Activists Are Furious Because Teacher Can't Tell Fifth Graders To Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Education | Eric Owens
'There is nothing problematic, inappropriate or outrageous about Mx. Bressack's request'

HELP WANTED: Taxpayer-Funded University Aggressively Staffing New 'Transgender Studies' Program

Education | Eric Owens
Variations of 'transgender,' 'trans feminism' and the like appear 14 times in the job posting

Here's How Mattis And The Pentagon Are Implementing Trump's Transgender Troop Ban

World | Saagar Enjeti
Continue to be provided paid treatment

L’Oreal Transgender Model Fired For Racist Facebook Rant

Opinion | Jena Greene
Not smart...

L'Oreal Fires Transgender Model Following Racist Facebook Rant

Business | Ian Miles Cheong
Munroe Bergdorf lost the job after having it for less than a week

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