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Court Sides With Baptist College Against Transgender Student On Four Of Five Counts

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‘Today is a great day for transgender Californians’

Nobody Asked But Illinois State U. Will Change 'Family' Bathrooms To 'All-Gender' Bathrooms

Transgender Bathrooms

‘I’m anticipating those in the LGBTQ community will appreciate it’

Transgender High School Senior Crowned Prom Queen

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‘I’m not here for you. I’m here for myself’

Louisville Principal Allows Male Freshman To Use Girls Bathroom And Changing Areas

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‘I have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students and staff are treated fairly and justly’

Defense Secretary 'Open' To Review Of Military's Transgender Prohibition

‘This is an area where we’ve not defined enough’

Missouri Elementary School Boy Will Now Be A Girl Proudly Announces Principal

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Goodbye Adam. hello Jasmine!

California teacher announces sex change to occur over spring break

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‘People say it’s like a mental illness but it’s not’

Post-op transgender woman blames serial killings on pre-op self

Transgender Bathrooms

‘Donna has killed nobody. Doug did’

Opponents of California's choose-your-own-bathroom law fail to put referendum on ballot

Transgender Bathrooms

Over 619,000 signatures collected but over 20 percent deemed impermissible

California 2014: Strapping senior calling himself female to play on girls' high school softball team

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‘Could there be a competitive advantage? Sure’

Facebook offers 50 new terms for gender designation

SF Gay Pride Parade Bolstered By Recent Supreme Court Rulings

Gender options include transgender, cisgender and dozens more

Disgruntled worker who is 'not a female or a male' sues for $518,682 over PRONOUNS

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‘Plaintiff cried regularly at work and at home’

Piers Morgan-Janet Mock spat shows why PC police are out of control

BritWeek 2012's "Evening With Piers Morgan" - Arrivals

‘Not content to condemn actual, harmful, transphobia, some transgender advocates castigate allies.’

Maine's supreme court foists choose-your-own-bathroom policy on entire state

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‘A transgender girl is a girl and must be treated as such in all respects’

New Jersey poised to pass choose-your-own gender birth certificate law

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‘The world is changing’ decrees Democratic sponsor in state Senate

Colorado school board member stands by castration remarks

locker room showers. Photo: Flickr/Jeramey Jannene

‘I don’t want anybody with a dick in the girls’ restroom’