As Teachers Adopt ‘Gender Unicorn,’ More Parents Speak Out

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No, the 'gender unicorn' isn't a joke

UK Teachers’ Union Calls For Mandatory ‘Gender Diversity’ Training

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Gender neutral bathroom sign design. [Shutterstock - Barry Blackburn]

‘Lecturers could be put in quite an embarrassing position’

Judge Forces Prison To Provide Hormone Therapy To A Transgender Dude Named SPARKLES WILSON

US | Eric Owens
Gay pride flag. (Photo credit: Shutterstock/iri Flogel)

‘When Sparkles went in to the prison, she had already been prescribed the meds’

Angry Drag-Racing Transgender Dude Says Cop 'Misgendered' Him On Reckless Driving Ticket

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‘He robbed that individual of her dignity’

British Woman Gives Birth To Child, Still Insists On Being Called A Man

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Transgender Bathroom Sign

Chicken, egg, or rooster?

Asking If A Transgender Person Had Surgery Or Just Enjoys Crossdressing Is A 'Microaggression' Now

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‘The culture we live in as cissexist’

Republican Rep. Pushes Mattis To Repeal Transgender Policy

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Transgenders Major Alexandra Larsson of the Swedish Armed Forces, Sergeant Lucy Jordan of the New Zealand Air Force and Major Donna Harding of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps listen to Corporal Natalie Murray of the Canadian Forces speak during a a conference entitled "Perspectives on Transgender Military Service from Around the Globe" organized by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Palm Center in Washington,DC on October 20, 2014. (Nicholas Kamm//Getty Images)

‘Military service is a privilege — not a right’

Transgender Serial Killer Convicted Of Murdering Prostitutes

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Spokane County Sheriffs Office mugshot

‘Douglas didn’t stop. Donna stopped it,’ killer told cops after sex change in Thailand

My Dad's Left Hand - Part 2

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FILE PHOTO -- A sign protesting a recent North Carolina law restricting transgender bathroom access adorns the bathroom stalls at the 21C Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina May 3, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Drake/File Photo

‘This collective insanity is ultimately based on an obvious misunderstanding of human life.’

FINALLY! Methodist Church Ordains First 'Non-Binary Trans Person' As Deacon

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‘For so long, I’ve longed to be a pastoral presence in the world’

Judge Hands Down Mind-Boggling Transgender Ruling

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Judges say birth certificate cannot be used as ‘true proxy for an individual’s biological sex’

Get Ready To Hear A Lot About 'Gender Confirmation Surgery'

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Adjust your pronouns, chop-chop

The First Women's College To Admit Transgender Dudes Has Now Declared A Financial Emergency

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A throng of administrators and some tenured professors will likely lose their jobs

Could Bruce Jenner Be The First Female President?

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Television personality Caitlyn Jenner attends the Moschino Spring/Summer 17 Menswear and Women's Resort Collection during MADE LA at L.A. LIVE Event Deck on June 10, 2016 in Los Angeles
Shut up, transphobes

Joy Behar: 'Maybe Steve Bannon Is Transitioning'

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Watch why she said this...

Transgender People Are Now Oppressed Because 'Pussy Hats' 'Equate Womanhood With Having A Vagina'

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womens march pussy hat Getty Images/William Edwards

‘Transgender women certainly should not be left out of any definition of womanhood’

California Bill Forces Transgender Bathrooms Into Nursing Homes

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What could possibly go wrong?

Pro-Family Group Wins: North Carolina Will No Longer Teach First Grade Boys To Dress Like Girls

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
What is wrong with these people? (Vimeo screenshot)

In SJW-land boys will no longer be boys