Why Aren't Republicans Allowed To Misspeak?

Opinion | David Benkof

Joe Biden and John Kerry get a pass, while Trent Lott and George Allen’s comments ended their careers

U.S., Europe Look At Tougher Sanctions As Russian Oil Production Booms

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Barack Obama delivers remarks at Laborfest 2014 at Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

‘Struggles in accessing foreign funding may affect investments in oil production’

Labrador: The New Leader We Need Who The Old GOP Won't Pick

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Raul Labrador

Who would you trust to speak to a crowd of college students? Labrador or McCarthy?

The top congressional offices for K Street paydays

Politics | Breanna Deutsch
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) (2nd L) arrives for a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, October 23, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
See where the door revolves most

Trent Lott explains support for UN treaty he once opposed - TheDC

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Former Senate majority leader now lobbying for Law of the Sea Treaty he resisted in Congress

On Valentine's Day, not even Washingtonians are immune to Cupid's arrows - TheDC

| Alexis Levinson

TheDC asks Washington insiders (not named Chris Lee) what they consider to be a romantic Valentine’s Day

All I want for Christmas... - TheDC

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TheDC celebrity wish lists: from holiday blessings, to new tuxedos, to bin Laden supplying Palin’s bullets

Lott: I meant cooperate, not co-opt - TheDC

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Trent Lott says to expect a ‘love-in’ between the Tea Party and the Washington establishment

Why Dr. Laura should matter to conservatives

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Conservatives need to do a better job of defending their spokespeople.

Trent Lott has 'sympathy' for Rand Paul - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

Lott, who knows what it’s like to be under fire for unfortunate comments, also defends the BP Chairman

Purple Nation

Opinion | Lanny Davis

I watched the Harry Reid controversy play out, knowing that it would end up ok for Senator Reid. He is a good man with a good heart. Democrats and most African American leaders, including President Obama, quickly accepted Senator Reid’s apology for his statement to authors of the book, “Game Change,” that inferred then Senator Obama was more electable because he was as a “light-skinned Negro” without a “dialect.” They did so because Senator Reid has a long-standing record of supporting civil rights, affirmative action, and social spending programs particularly aimed at assisting the poor and people of color.

Foot-in-mouth disease isn't new to Washington

Politics | Alex Pappas

This week’s uproar over racially charged comments attributed to Sen. Harry Reid reminded The Daily Caller of other uncomfortable race-related flubs by Washington political types.

Reid’s racial rhetoric no slip of the tongue

Opinion | Tara Wall

Reason number 105,001 Nevada voters need to replace Senator Harry Reid: He still thinks it’s1950 and light-skinned Negroes can pass as long as they check their ghetto dialect at the door. The aging statesman’s racially charged remarks recently revealed in the new book “Game Change,” by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, may have consumed the cable talk show circuit but whether you agree or disagree that Reid’s remarks are racist is almost irrelevant.

Steele takes offense; asks Reid to resign

Politics | AJ

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele called on Senator Harry Reid to step down as majority leader over comments he made about then- presidential candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.