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Report: Trump Settles Trump University Case For $25 Million

Education | Blake Neff
Vowed not to settle 'easy win' case

Trump Lawyers Ask Judge To Delay Trump University Trial

Politics | Kevin Daley
Trump slated to testify before inauguration

Trump Is Supposed To Appear In Court Before He Becomes President

Politics | Kevin Daley
A settlement is most likely

Judge Trump Accused Of Bias Gives Him Small Win In Trump U Case

Education | Blake Neff
Videotaped depositions won't be released

Trump: Colleges Are Scamming Students, Need To Pay

Education | Blake Neff
'All of this is a pass through and the students are a con to it.'

George Will Quits Being Republican Over Trump's Judge Comments

Politics | Blake Neff
Trump dubs him an 'overrated' pundit

Muslim Group Changes Mind On Anti-Trump Event After Terrorist Attack

Elections | Casey Harper
'To urge ... an apology'

Co-Founder Of Group Judge Curiel Is Affiliated With: California Will Become A Hispanic State

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Those upset about it 'ought to go back to Europe'

Liberal Law Prof: Bill Clinton's Relationship With Shady For-Profit College Should Receive More Attention

Elections | Chuck Ross
'Virtually no mainstream media outlet has reported it'

Justice Sotomayor: Ethnicity 'May And Will Make A Difference In Judging'

Politics | Casey Harper
'Personal experiences affect the facts that judges choose to see'

Jeb Bush Subtweets Request For Trump To Make Him Relevant Again

Elections | Christian Datoc
High energy

Trump Surrogate: Ryan 'Racist' For Condemning Comments On Judge

Elections | Derek Hunter
'Speaker Ryan has apparently switched positions and is now supporting identity politics, which is racist'

Trump Orders Surrogates To Up Attacks On Judge And Journalists

Elections | Derek Hunter

Seven Times Democrats Were Overtly Racist On Judges Before Trump

Politics | Casey Harper
'Clown in black face'

Trump Says Judge Should Recuse Himself Because Of Mexican Heritage

Elections | Kevin Daley
Accuses judge of being a 'hater'

Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is Member Of La Raza Lawyers Group [VIDEO]

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Awarded scholarship to illegal immigrant

This Trump U Employee's Testimony Could Be Devastating For Donald

Education | Blake Neff
'Whole purpose' was to get people to spend money

Trump University's 'Playbook' Is A Showcase In High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Education | Blake Neff
'Money is never a reason for not enrolling'

Documents Released From Trump University Case Reveal Persuasion Tactics

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
'People love recognition and attention'

Case Against Trump University To Go To Trial

Elections | Kerry Picket
'bait and switch'

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