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Fox Show Gets HEATED Over America's 'Moral Obligation' To Illegal Refugees

‘Does every country have this obligation, or just ours?’

Adam Carolla Explains Why He Supports Tucker Carlson For President In 2016

‘That’s a no-nonsense hombre right there’

Furious Veteran Montel Williams UNLOADS On The Daily Caller


I’m not The Daily Caller’s ombudsman, but I can read

Daily Caller hires Ben Smith to be new LGBTQ editor


Who says enemies can’t be friends?

'The ultimate elitist argument': Tucker Carlson blasts White House spin on projected Obamacare job losses

‘Not an argument people that work for a living can relate to’

Greta Van Susteren accuses Erick Erickson of being 'so high school'


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Tucker Carlson mocks Alan Colmes: 'Have you been to America recently?'

‘If you get outside of Santa Monica and Georgetown, it’s collapsing’

Carlson: Carney attack on Karl 'shows you the depths to which they have sunk'

‘It’s just appalling — like it’s Jon Karl’s fault for asking a totally straightforward and honest question’

Old 'Crossfire' reunion: Carlson, Carville debate Obamacare on Fox News


Two former CNN contributors appear on ‘Hannity’ for first time since the show’s 2005 cancelation

Carlson: UN Ambassador Samantha Power has 'a freshman seminar view of the world'


‘Special Report’ panel discusses new ambassador’s absence from emergency UN meeting

Bret Baier: Justice Department targeted James Rosen's parents as well

'Special Report' reveals details in panel discussion portion of Tuesday night's program

Daily Caller execs to face off in first ever Tour de Caller


Tucker Carlson to take on some guy with a bicycle in race through DC streets

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette: Ignorant of Guns–and Disrespectful of Gun Owners’ Lives - NRA - ILA

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette

WATCH Rep. Carolyn McCarthy fumble Tucker Carlson’s question on barrel shrouds

Tucker Carlson is no Andrew Breitbart? Joan Walsh, you're some John Podesta

A response to Walsh’s review of ‘Hating Breitbart.’

The definitive list of the 12 most expensive colleges in the United States [SLIDESHOW]

You could buy a lot of expensive stuff instead of tuition at these overpriced schools

PPP poll asks if conservative media wants white people to think Obama hates them


PPP claims its survey was ‘not a push poll’

Tucker Carlson: 'Who cares what Newt Gingrich says?' - TheDC

Daily Caller editor in chief responds to critics suggesting recently unveiled Obama remarks are too dated to be relevant

Carlson: 2007 Obama race speech 'isn't a dog whistle -- this is a dog siren' - TheDC

TheDC editor-in-chief: Obama made ‘dangerous’ claim feds short-changed black Katrina survivors

Bill Ayers: the Left warned me not to eat with Tucker Carlson, Daily Caller 'vipers' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Bill Ayers: the Left warned me not to eat with Tucker Carlson, Daily Caller ‘vipers’

TUCKER CARLSON: A sin worse than murder - TheDC Opinion


As Rush Limbaugh is discovering, in the eyes of many Americans there’s nothing worse than insensitivity.