Tucker Exposes The REAL 'Russia Scandal' -- In The Clinton Foundation

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Russian efforts to get the deal done by bribing Americans’

'SO DISHONEST': Tucker And Glenn Greenwald Go After Media Lies [VIDEO]

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Inflammatory stories that turn out to be totally false’

'Total Division Within Our Society': Tucker Sounds Off On Immigration

Media | Justin Caruso

‘What ties us all together? Why are we all in this together?’

Tucker Trolls: Someday Colin Kaepernick Will Be On The $20 Bill

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Hopefully I’ll be gone by then’

'NBC Is LYING': Tucker Slams Network For Holding Blockbuster Weinstein Story

Media | Justin Caruso

‘News executives are not allowed to tell lies’

'HOLLYWOOD'S SHAME': Tucker Blasts Media Over Weinstein Silence

Media | Justin Caruso

‘They ALL knew’ about sexual misconduct

ESPN President Thinks Fox News Is Conspiring Against The Network

Sports | David Hookstead
Screen Shot Tucker Carlson Slams Dems On Immigration (Fox News: Oct 9, 2017)

It’s a bold statement

Tucker Goes Nuclear Over Hillary's Weinstein Response -- MUST WATCH

Media | Justin Caruso

Hillary Clinton is an ‘enabler’

Tucker: Christopher Columbus Is The Only Immigrant The Left Doesn't Like

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Progressives have declared war on Christopher Columbus’

Tucker Drop Kicks Dems 'Openly Encouraging' Illegal Immigration

Media | Amber Athey
'It's a really simple concept'

Tucker Talks Gun Control With NRA Director In First Interview Since Vegas

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Allow good, honest people the ability to defend themselves’

Tucker UNLOADS On Gun Control -- 'Why Do People Keep Saying That?'

Media | Justin Caruso
Tucker Fox News screenshot

‘Can you think of a single place?’

"The Social Justice Warrior Handbook" Review: It's Hard To Tell Parody From Reality

Opinion | Christopher R. Barron
Demonstrators calling for social, economic and racial justice march in New York May 1, 2015. REUTERS/Darren Ornitz

The book is an important reminder that sometimes comedy is a more potent weapon than scorched-earth politics.

Tucker Calls Out CNN For INSANE Coverage Of Trump-NFL Controversy

Media | Justin Caruso

‘You can’t turn away from that’

'Lying Or Misguided?': Tucker Questions Low-Wage Immigration To America

Media | Justin Caruso

‘It’s a complete scam’

Tucker Calls Blogger Who Labeled Him A White Nationalist A ‘Coward’

Media | Justin Caruso

‘We didn’t mention race at all because it’s irrelevant’

Jeff Sessions Defends Campus Speech On Tucker: ‘Conservatives Are Being Silenced’

Media | Justin Caruso

‘We have a heritage of free speech. It’s in our Constitution.’

'I Bet You Live In My Neighborhood!': FIREWORKS On Tucker Over NFL Protests

Media | Justin Caruso

‘For a rich guy like you to say something like that…’