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TEAR DOWN THIS CLIMBING WALL! New Documentary Questions Absurd Cost of College

College administrators are flush with cash as student and their parents struggle

Gov. Scott Signs Bill To Grant In-State Tuition Benefits To Illegal Immigrants

Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott speaks at a ceremony opening new newsroom facilities for the Univision and Fusion television networks in Doral

‘Signing this historic legislation today will keep tuition low, and allow all students who grew up in Florida to have the same access to affordable higher education’

Leftists RAGE After United Negro College Fund Accepts $25 Million From Koch Brothers

United Negro College Fund YouTube screenshot/AdCouncilStudio

Penn professor worries that Koch brothers will look good, UNCF will be ‘puppet’

Report: Regulations Are Hiking Up College Tuition Costs

Westminster College (Utah) YouTube screenshot/Westminster College

Tuition costs, administrative staff ‘pretty strongly correlated’

Your tax dollars at work: Tuition now SO HIGH that students rely on food shelters, charity

College graduates / Wikimedia commons

‘They wouldn’t need pantries if they hadn’t raised the prices’

This hilarious video explains why college is so awful

‘We can guarantee that we might get you to the degree part’

Don't hold your breath for the cost of college to go down

Westminster College (Utah) YouTube screenshot/Westminster College

A degree still holds much more value than it costs, but the market is changing drastically.

Obama fails miserably in quest to provide 'education that doesn't break the bank'

Students for Obama/AFP/Getty Images

Hope and change lead to tuition far outpacing inflation

TheDC's guide to shearing THOUSANDS off your college tuition bill

Take a few steps to secure your financial future and avoid debt

Tuition increases slow, but that doesn't mean college 'suddenly more affordable'

College Costs

Sticker price rose 2.9 percent

Obama suggests government will control college tuition costs somehow [VIDEO]

Administration’s ‘College Scorecard’ to compare cost of schools (because math is hard)

College graduates are the new subprime borrowers

Harvard quad

With the reward of a college degree decreasing, many students and parents will end up as debt slaves.

Ivy League schools sue recent graduates over loan repayments


By not repaying loans, ‘the government or the school comes after them very aggressively’

Some universities buck trend, cut tuition for students


These six undergraduate schools are offering lower tuition this year

Average price of 4-year university up 15 percent - AP

For Profit Colleges

For-profit college costs are also skyrocketing, and in some cases they are twice as expensive as Harvard

Students angry over pricey courses pepper-sprayed - The Associated Press

College Protest Pepper Spray.JPEG

‘I got pepper-sprayed without warning’

Sewanee cuts tuition by 10 percent, helping students in tough economic times - TheDC

‘What we have seen … is that that economic model has changed, and that families are considering price more than they used to.’

University of Colorado student pays tuition in dollar bills [VIDEO] - TheDC

An out-of-state student at the University of Colorado paid all $14,309.51 of his semester tuition in dollar bills

Virginia to consider banning illegals from colleges - AP

The state’s legislators will consider whether to bar illegal immigrants from enrolling in public colleges and universities

American higher education: One more big business

For many of today’s universities, marketing and branding are far more important than mathematics and biology.