u s central command

US Military Says Strikes Against ISIS Up 123% In May

World | Joseph Lafave
Supporting Operation Roundup

Trashing Terrorism Tuesday: Mattis Personally Requests More Bombs To Kill ISIS Terrorists

US | Ryan Pickrell
'Full production capacities for certain selected preferred munitions'

Third US Soldier Dies Fighting ISIS This Week

World | Mary Lou Lang

US, Russia Call Each Other Every Week To Prevent Disaster In Syrian Airspace

World | Jacob Bojesson

Obama Administration Apologizes To Assad For Bombing Syrian Troops

Defense | Russ Read
'Relayed our regret'

Seven Iranian Attack Boats Swarm US Navy Ship In The Persian Gulf

World | Russ Read
'This caused the Firebolt to have to maneuver to have to avoid collision'

Top General Warns There Are 'Rogue Commanders' In Iran Looking To Fight The US [VIDEO]

Video | Russ Read
'It's not about the Iranian people, it's about the Iranian regime'

US General Says Accidental Attack On Afghan Hospital Was Not A War Crime

World | Russ Read
Punishments given to 16 personnel

Senior Intel Analysts Say They Were Kicked Out For Contradicting Obama's ISIS Agenda

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Sources tell of a culture of fear at CENTCOM

Analysts Separately Complain Superiors Are Modifying ISIS Reports To Make Obama Look Good

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Analysts are in open 'revolt'

Kerry Thanks Iran Following Humiliation Of US Sailors

Defense | Russ Read
Iran claims a formal apology was extended by US

Pentagon Reportedly Picks New Head For U.S. Special Operations, And He's Ferociously Blunt

US | Jonah Bennett
'This administration has seen Special Operations to be a very effective tool'

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