Trashing Terrorism Tuesday: Mattis Personally Requests More Bombs To Kill ISIS Terrorists

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A U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft with the 107th Airlift Wing fires off flares during a night formation training mission. A flare is an aerial infrared countermeasure to counter and infrared homing (heat seeking) surface-to-air or air-to-air missile. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd)

‘Full production capacities for certain selected preferred munitions’

Third US Soldier Dies Fighting ISIS This Week

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U.S. Navy SEALS Train Iraqi Army Scouts In Fallujah
'He wanted to be at the highest level he could accomplish'

Seven Iranian Attack Boats Swarm US Navy Ship In The Persian Gulf

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Military personnel participates in the Velayat-90 war game on Sea of Oman near Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran

‘This caused the Firebolt to have to maneuver to have to avoid collision’

Top General Warns There Are 'Rogue Commanders' In Iran Looking To Fight The US [VIDEO]

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‘It’s not about the Iranian people, it’s about the Iranian regime’

US General Says Accidental Attack On Afghan Hospital Was Not A War Crime

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An undated file photo shows an AC-130 gunship. U.S. fighter jets and heavy airborne gunships joined a new assault on the besieged Iraqi city of Falluja April 28, 2004, local residents said. An hour after U.S. Marines encircling the town began shelling Falluja's Golan district, strike aircraft and what appeared to be at least one AC-130 gunship began pounding the area, as well as at least two other points in the city. REUTERS/U.S. Air Force Photo

Punishments given to 16 personnel

Senior Intel Analysts Say They Were Kicked Out For Contradicting Obama's ISIS Agenda

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U.S. Army General Votel testifies during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

Sources tell of a culture of fear at CENTCOM

Analysts Separately Complain Superiors Are Modifying ISIS Reports To Make Obama Look Good

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Analysts are in open ‘revolt’

Kerry Thanks Iran Following Humiliation Of US Sailors

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WATCH: Iran Releases Overnight Footage Of Captive US Sailors (screenshot: MSNBC)

Iran claims a formal apology was extended by US

Pentagon Reportedly Picks New Head For U.S. Special Operations, And He's Ferociously Blunt

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Raymond Thomas

‘This administration has seen Special Operations to be a very effective tool’