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Trump Poses With Military Family Before Marine One

US | Saagar Enjeti
'His last flight after 5 years of service'

The Faces Of Navy Grads After Receiving Their Diploma And Meeting President Trump

Politics | Benny Johnson
Was the endurance handshake session worth it?

'You're Fired!' -- Trump Drops Classic Line, Naval Academy Crowd Goes Wild

Politics | Justin Caruso
Our servicemen and women love him

Trump To Stick Around, Shake Hands Of Every Naval Academy Grad

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'America is back'

These Trump Lines Had Naval Academy Grads Giving Him Roaring Applause

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'We have become a lot stronger lately'

Trump Is Only Giving ONE Graduation Speech This Year

Education | Rob Shimshock
Naval Academy

Trump To Give Naval Academy Commencement Speech

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'Looking forward to being there'

Pence's Commencement Speech To Navy Grads Was 20 Minutes Of Pure Red, White And Blue

Politics | Amber Athey
'Every American is grateful'

Naval Academy Grads Say Jim Webb Doesn't Deserve Alumni Award

US | Will Racke
'A hit to the gut'

Naval Academy Offers 'Transgender 101' For Faculty, Cadets

Education | David Krayden
"helping people better understand the trans experience"

Marine's Lawyers Accuse WaPo Of Doctoring Interview

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Portions of the interview missing'

Navy Unveils Ridiculous, Custom Uniforms Ahead Of Army Rivalry Game

Sports | Christian Datoc
'Damn the torpedoes!'

AARP Magazine Reportedly Deletes Veteran From A Story Because He's Running For Congress

US | Jonah Bennett
'I think they deleted you because you're running for office'

Naval Academy Just One-Upped Bruno Mars With This Fire 'Uptown Funk' Cover

Education | Christian Datoc
Nap. Town. Funk you up. Nap Town funk you up.

US News Rankings Give Top Marks To Brutally Expensive Schools

Education | Blake Neff
Be ready to shell out $50k a year

Under Armour Just Gave Navy The Most American Jerseys In The History Of America

Sports | Christian Datoc
'Don't Tread On Me' uni's? Thank you, ma'am

Jeremiah Denton, former senator and POW who resisted captors, dies

US | W. James Antle III
'A war hero, an honorable senator, and a family man'

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