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EXCLUSIVE: Kid Rock To Rally With Michigan Army Veteran John James For US Senate

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Michigan native

Corey Stewart: The Roy Moore Of Virginia

| Ian Parish
History often repeats itself

Here Are The Senators Who Will Not Accept Salary During Shutdown

Politics | Thomas Phippen
Illegals taking Americans' pay

Sheriff Joe Has A Challenger For Jeff Flake's Senate Seat, And It's This Former Fighter Pilot

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Grow a pair of ovaries'

Nearly 100 Measures Passed By Congress Were Enacted In 2017

Politics | Kerry Picket
Wrapping up the year

Report: Franken Finally Announces Official Resignation Date

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Before I go, I want to spend some time sharing what I have learned'

Al Franken Says He'll Resign 'In The Coming Weeks' -- Watch His Full Statement On The Senate Floor

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Bye, Al

Franken's Seventh Accuser Was Enough To Convince Female Dems That He Should Resign

Politics | Henry Rodgers

Roy Moore Says Allegations Against Him Are Comparable To Russian Probe

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'It's no different'

Roy Moore's Communications Director Resigns

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Had to make a change'

Rand Paul's Wife Details Their Neighbor's 'Terrifying' Attack

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'The attacker's troubled mind'

Nate Silver Says Dems Missed Opportunity With Franken Response

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'I thought the Democrats had an opportunity'

Another Woman Comes Forward Against Roy Moore: 'He Grabbed It'

Politics | Henry Rodgers
6 women

Check Out The Latest Polling On The Alabama Senate Race

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Could Moore still win?

Here's What Roy Moore Told His Staff About Dropping Of The Senate Race

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Intends to see his race through'

John Cornyn Pulls His Endorsement For Roy Moore

Politics | Henry Rodgers

Roy Moore Fires Back At McConnell, Says He Should 'Be Replaced'

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'He has failed conservatives'

McConnell Laughs At Bannon's 'Objective' To Unseat Him As Majority Leader

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'I laughed. Ha-ha'

63 Percent Of Alabama Republicans Still Support Roy Moore, Poll Says

Politics | Henry Rodgers
An overwhelming majority

Ernst Wants To Close Tax 'Loophole' That Lets Senators Write-Off Washington Dinners

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'Iowans sent me to Congress to make Washington, D.C. squeal'

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