Police: Uber Operator Behind Self-Driving Car That Killed Woman In Arizona Was Watching TV Show

Business | Eric Lieberman
'The Voice'

As Toyota Struggles, It Looks To The Future By Investing $1 Billion In Ride-Sharing Company

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Surviving or dying'

Uber Driver Who Didn't Want Two Ladies Making Out In His Car Has License Suspended [Video]

US | Gabrielle Okun
'It's disrespectful'

Uber Has New Feature That Should Terrify Heavy Drinkers

Entertainment | Jena Greene
Are they serious?

Walmart Sues Former Executive For Ditching It For Corporate Nemesis Amazon

Business | Eric Lieberman
Big corporation fight!

Uber Is Spending Like Crazy On Ads To Prove It's Been Reborn

Business | Eric Lieberman
'It's time to move in a new direction'

Here's Why The Uber CEO Is Encouraging Employees To Say They Have 'The D'

Business | Eric Lieberman
'You may hear me say in meetings...'

Uber Says It's Coming Back To Pittsburgh Even Though Mayor Says It Can't

Business | Eric Lieberman
'I was forced to learn about it through social media'

Baseball Legend Arrested. The Allegations Are Horrific

Sports | Jena Greene
The details will SHOCK you

Uber Shuts Down Self-Driving Car Testing After Killing Arizona Woman

US | Henry Rodgers
Fired nearly 200 Arizona workers

Americans' Trust In Self-Driving Cars Dips In Past Three Months Following A Few Accidents

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Despite their potential to make our roads safer in the long run'

Uber Faces First Sexual Harassment Lawsuit After It Ended Arbitration

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Threatened with termination

California Lawmakers Might Force Uber And Lyft To Use Only Electric Vehicles

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Low-income drivers may be forced to drive electric vehicles

After Years Of Allegations, Uber Greenlights Sexual Assault Victims' Ability To Sue In Open Court

US | Eric Lieberman
'In particular because of Susan Fowler's blog'

Uber Board Frustrated It Still Hasn't Found A CFO After 3 Years

Business | Eric Lieberman
Needs one if it wants to go public

Uber, U.S. Army to Develop Flying Taxis and Quieter Drones

Tech | Terry Haynes
The future is flying

Uber Picks Up Former Top Gov't Official To Help With Safety Following Fatal Self-Driving Car Accident

Business | Eric Lieberman

Uber, Facing Lawsuits, Hit With Letter Urging Them To End Arbitration

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'Give away their right to access the justice system'

Facebook Looking Into Allegation That 'Privileged Access' Employee Used Company Tech To Stalk Women

US | Eric Lieberman
'What should I do with this information?'

The Military Is Building Its Own Fleet Of Self-Driving Cars

US | Tim Pearce
'Don’t have to worry about pedestrians'

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