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Anti-Inequality Professor Sticks It To Poor People With $242,613 Salary For Teaching ONE CLASS

Massive income puts ultra-leftist in the top 96 percent of all Americans

Inside a Berkeley coffee house with Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul arrives for the Republican weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill

Paul discusses spying, how he’s misunderstood and 2016

What Rand Paul said that earned him a standing ovation at Berkeley

Rand Paul speaks at the LPAC conference in Chantilly, Virginia

Cheers from a liberal audience

Berkeley prof forces students to tweet pro-Islam views

Hatem Bazian / Youtube screenshot

‘I can’t help but feel this is unethical… This is his agenda, not mine’

Mucho dinero: UC prez Janet Napolitano pledges $5 million for illegal immigrants

Photo: Gail Oskin/Getty Images for Ninety Nine Restaurants, Getty Images/Mark Wilson

‘They are students who deserve the opportunity to succeed and to thrive’

In Berkeley, a big fireball and a swimming pool that makes high schoolers lose body hair

Berkeley. Photo: YouTube screenshot. Getty Images/Al Bello

It’s been a bad few days for the People’s Republic of Berkeley

Not everybody hates Janet

Janet Napolitano, AP

No-confidence vote by University of California students fails

Riots not covered under Berkeley's health plan

Berkeley Diversity Bake Sale

‘We would never enforce such a clause’

Cal Berkeley application reader reveals how the admissions sausage is made

How the sausage is made. Photo: AFP/Getty

Here are the details on prestigious public university’s ‘opaque and secretive’ process

Berkeley's new stadium put it $445 million in debt

UC Berkeley

‘They never should have done this’

The Daily Caller presents: The first annual College Stupidity Awards

college awards collage. Photos (clockwise from top left): Meg Lanker-Simons (KOWB); Facebook Obama on Mount Rushmore (Facebook with photoshop by Mitchell R Grosky); KKK (Creative Commons/Image Editor); Jesus (Creative Commons/Bible Illustrations by Sweet Media); taco (Doritos); Boudin mugshot

Colleges are hothouses of folly and these schools produced the most cringe-worthy moments

Berkeley student government wants to ban Salvation Army

UC Berkeley

‘The only requirement for service from the Salvation Army is demonstrated need and our ability to meet it’

Mucho dinero: UC Berkeley to give $1 million in scholarships to illegal immigrants - TheDC

Sather Gate

‘Valuing illegal immigrant students above American or legal immigrant students’

Humbug! Student government seeks to ban Salvation Army bell ringers at UC Berkeley

Salvation Army

Resolution would ban bell ringers over allegations of bias against gays