ANOTHER African Leader Praises Trump: 'I Wanted To Thank You'

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I thank you very much'

Democrats Are Going To Hate What Uganda's President Just Said About Trump's Africa Comments

World | Peter Hasson
'America has got one of the best presidents ever.'

Israeli Supreme Court Says African Refugees Can Be Deported

World | Jonah Bennett
'We have to care for the citizens of the state of Israel'

Uganda Moves To Shut For-Profit Schools Funded By Zuckerberg And Gates Over 'Gospel Of Homosexuality'

Education | Eric Owens
'This moral decay couldn't be tolerated'

African War Lord Accused Of Ordering Cannibalism

World | JP Carroll
Was a member of the LRA led by Joseph Kony

Uganda's Anti-Gay Law Masks The Real Scandal -- A Growing Western Child Sex Trade In Africa

Opinion | Fox Odoi
The bill only passed with strategic misdirection from activists who tied child abuse to homosexuality.

Obama's real foreign policy priority will surprise you

US | Neil Munro
Smart power

Kerry tells Ugandan president he's disappointed with their new anti-gay law

World | Scott Greer
Obama administration is 'deeply disappointed'

Obama's 2014 campaign bashes Uganda on gay issues

Politics | Neil Munro
'The Ugandan president took a step backward'

The fastest way to know a Republican senator is not a conservative

Politics | Christopher Bedford
Is there anything worse than a UN treaty?

WEINSTEIN: Time for a conservative comeback

Opinion | Jamie Weinstein
The Republicans can rise again. What they need is a strategy for a comeback

Liberian warlord Taylor sentenced for atrocities in Sierra Leone

World | Melissa Quinn
U.S.-educated former president convicted of helping commit 'most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in human history'

'Kony 2012' video audience shrinks by 98 percent for 'part II'

US | Maureen LaForge

Ugandans protest Kony 2012, question filmmakers' objectives

US | InternAdmin
The campaign to 'make Kony famous' is actually celebrating Kony’s crimes, not helping victims

Legislators work to wipe out Kony

World | Rosella Age
Sen. Inhofe: I'm 'hoping and praying that this is the year we get him'

Inhofe pushes to investigate violent attacks on the poor by climate change industry

World | Caroline May
Alleged human rights abuses committed abroad by companies looking to tap into the emerging carbon credit market

Scarborough: Where's the left-wing, anti-war outrage over Obama's Uganda mission?

Politics | Jeff Poor
'You know what Code Pink's doing right now? They're in Ft. Lauderdale. Where is the anti-left movement? No, they're playing shuffle board'

McCain rips Obama, warns of 'slippery slope' with U.S. troops in Uganda

Politics | Jeff Poor
Arizona senator disappointed in White House for not consulting Congress, calls Obama 'the least communicative' of four presidents he has served under

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