UN Security Council Vote Means Israel Can't Choose Democracy

Opinion | David Benkof
The United Nations Security Council unanimously votes on a resolution authorizing humanitarian aid access into rebel-held areas of Syria, during a United Nations Security Council meeting at U.N. headquarters in New York

Only the United States and Australia voted to protect Israel.

In Syria, Obama may have created his own Iraq

Opinion | David Meyers
Syria rebels

After setting up a showdown with the UN, he may have no chance but to ignore them.

US and Britain may arm Libya rebels if Gaddafi clings to power - The Guardian

World | interns

UK and US officials have made the argument that former bans against supplying arms to Libya do not apply to the rebel forces

The top 10 violations of the Constitution by Obama and the 111th Congress

Opinion | Paul Skousen

The Constitution has failed to contain the Obama administration and the 111th Congress.

Kim Jong-il isn't crazy

Opinion | JM Arcano

The North Korean leader knows exactly what he is doing: outsmarting the US.

No 'profile in courage' at UN

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

The US should consider cutting its funding to the UN.

The Secret Diary of Joe Biden revealed - TheDC

Politics | Matt Latimer

TheDC has exclusively acquired the hidden diary of America’s loquacious VP

The Obama team at the UN is weak

Opinion | Richard Grenell

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice has been on the job for 18 months now, but she doesn’t have much to show for it. Her record of accomplishments and performance on behalf of the American people is embarrassing

Israel, the double standard, and power

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Israeli leaders cannot go safely into some European countries for fear of being arrested for war crimes under the faux-doctrine of “universal jurisdiction,” while children-targeting murderers such as Hamas face no such international reproach.

Iran bars two UN nuclear inspectors over report - BBC NEWS

World | interns

US President Barack Obama said the punishment, for continuing to defy resolutions ordering it to suspend all enrichment of uranium, was an unmistakable message on stopping the spread of nuclear arms

U.N. passes new Iran sanctions - The Daily Caller

World | interns

The measure opens the door for tougher restrictions from Congress, but some say it’s too little too late

UN to reduce DR Congo peace force - BBC

World | interns

The UN Security Council has voted to authorise the withdrawal of up to 2,000 peacekeepers from the Democratic Republic of Congo by 30 June

The consequences of diplomacy

Opinion | Scott Erickson

While diplomatic unity and a cohesive, global approach toward the Iranian nuclear threat are desirable they should not supplant the very real and tangible safety net offered by a comprehensive missile defense system

How’s that apology thing working out, Mr. President?

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

We are watching as the United States is publicly and internationally humiliated. Our idol worship of an inexperienced and ill-equipped leader has blinded us to the mounting dangers in a world of dangers

'Serious concerns' remain despite Iran deal - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

White House indicates it will continue with sanctions against Iran despite nuclear deal

Administration must sharpen message on Burma

Opinion | Kelley Currie

The U.S. interest lies in supporting the Burmese people in their clearly stated aspirations for a more just, democratic government. The policy question remains: how to best support those aspirations?

Exposing Pyongyang could bring light to sunken ship

Feature:Opinion | Christian Whiton and Michael Magan

The cause of Friday’s sinking of the South Korean naval corvette Cheonan remains unclear. But the ship’s location 10 miles from the North Korean coast when it sank makes the Pyongyang regime a prime suspect

G8 leaders: Growing momentum for Iran nuclear sanctions - Christian Science Monitor

World | interns

‘Tehran must halt its nuclear enrichment activities and engage in peaceful dialogue, says Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Use existing legislation to combat Iran’s growing threat

Energy | George Landrith

Had the United States and its European allies acted earlier as promised to impose tougher sanctions against Iran, the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East may not have grown to the dangerous level it has reached today

Turkey’s position in facing a nuclear Iran

Opinion | Tülin Daloglu

Iran’s defiance to cooperate with the world powers over its nuclear program clearly adds to an already dangerous situation. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs sent a clear warning on Tuesday that “time and patience is running out” for Iran to come clean on its nuclear program. But President Obama is right to declare that “the door is still open” for to Iran engage in serious negotiations. So far, both sides have blamed one another for the lack of a breakthrough in talks. Given its ever-increasing profile in the Middle East, Turkey is now trying to break this impasse. The question is, though, whether the current Turkish leadership has the capacity to play the game adequate to Turkey’s significance in the region.