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Claims For Unemployment Benefits Tick Up But Remain At Historic Low

US | Ted Goodman
The number slightly increased this week

Claims For Unemployment Benefits Continue To Drop

US | Ted Goodman
Claims dropped another 8,000 last week

Obama: Don't Discriminate Against Long-Term Jobless

Business | Jonah Bennett
3 million Americans still in long-term unemployment

Democrats push unemployment benefits past hurdle in Senate -- without paying for them

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Six Republicans helped advance the bill

Club for Growth: Don't extend unemployment benefits without spending cuts

Politics | Alex Pappas

Reid: Republican agenda 'to make President Obama look bad'

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Reid calls for a less divided Senate in the new year

White House blows up unemployment compromise

Politics | Neil Munro
Fight over unemployment, distracts media and voters from Obamacare failure

Gene Sperling PANICS over extended unemployment benefits

Business | Tim Cavanaugh
Head of NEC ignores Obama's own role in winding emergency jobless program down

Furloughed federal workers can collect unemployment

Business | Brad Jones
After one week, benefit spigot flows

States owe $30 billion in outstanding loans to feds

Business | Michael Bastasch
States have borrowed federal money to dole out unemployment benefits with the high jobless rate

Killer got $30,000 in unemployment while in jail, officials say

US | Steven Nelson (admin)
Murderer who tattooed victims' IDs on his chest funneled money to fellow gang members in the slammer

House Republicans to tie payroll tax vote to Keystone XL pipeline approval

Business | admin
On Wednesday Obama threatened to veto any extension of the payroll tax that included the Keystone XL pipeline

Senator: 'No Christmas for Congress' unless unemployment benefits are extended [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
Harkin: 'To state the obvious, $300 bucks a week, which is the average unemployment benefit -- what a windfall huh?'

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