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Saudi prince invests $300 million in Twitter - AP


Alwaleed, a nephew of the Saudi king, ranks 26th on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people

WOOPS: Goldman says Dubai needs $2.2 billion to cover bank's debt - BI

Goldman Sach

The bank has been put on a credit watch by Fitch

Egypt: Mubarak forms reform committees - AP

Mubarak: Egyptians ‘should not be detained, harassed or denied their freedom of expression’

Iran tech expo sends defiant message to West - AP

Show aims to show ‘friend and foe’ that sanctions have not slowed Iran

Iran rounds up Christians in crackdown, suspicious they might try to convert Muslims - AP

Christians described as ‘hard-line’ missionaries who have ‘inserted themselves into Islam like a parasite’

Abu Dhabi hotel 'regrets' $11 million Christmas tree - AP

The tree was unveiled last week with full fanfare in a hotel that features its own gold bar vending machine

Change of heart? FIFA: Winter 2022 World Cup possible in Qatar - AP

FIFA’s top officials left open the option of rescheduling the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to avoid the blistering summer

Around the world, a race against time bombs in air - AP

Alerted to the plot by Saudi intelligence, security officials chased the two packages across five countries, trying frantically over the next two days to prevent an explosion that could have come at any moment

In 2012 presidential election, national security bound to be a top issue

The GOP needs to nominate a presidential candidate who is well-versed in national security issues.

The continued al Qaeda threat from Yemen

The US’s approach to fighting the terror threat emanating from Yemen isn’t working.

'Credible threat' - National Journal

President calls threat ‘credible,’ says packages apparently contained explosive materials

US national swimmer dies in overseas race - AP

Fran Crippen, a medal-winning open-water swimmer on the U.S. national team, told his coach he wasn’t feeling well late in a race before he died in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday

TheDC Analysis: Unicorns, centaurs and a 'moment of opportunity' for peace in the Middle East - TheDC

A ‘moment of opportunity’ for Arab-Israeli peace? Fiction. Forging an Arab-Israeli alliance against Iran? Nonfiction.

Dubai's dark side

The UAE is committing gross human rights violations.

State Dept. attacked for imam's Middle East trip - TheDC

Government-sponsored trip for imam behind Ground Zero mosque raises First Amendment, radical Islam concerns

Abdullah Azzam Brigades: Al Qaeda's new strike on the global oil supply - ABC

An obscure Al Qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for the recent attack on a Japanese oil tanker, alarming terror experts

Saudi says deal reached on BlackBerry services - AP

The kingdom expressed concern that the device is a security threat because encrypted information is routed through overseas computers

UAE to ban BlackBerry services, Saudi follows suit - AP

The United Arab Emirates outlined plans to block BlackBerry e-mail, messaging and Web browsing services in a crackdown that could jeopardize efforts to establish the country as an international business hub

Thai court issues arrest warrant for former prime minister - AP

Ousted prime minister is charged with terrorism and fomenting unrest in Bangkok

The Pakistani connection - LAT

Investigators have arrested a Pakistani army major linked to the prime suspect in the botched attempt to bomb New York City’s Times Square