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Tea party leader: Ryan 'can kiss goodbye any chances of running for president in 2016'

U.S. Representative Ryan and fellow House Republicans are greeted by reporters as they depart a closed-door caucus meeting in Washington

Conservatives not happy with budget deal

Left-wing Democrats push Norquist-style pledge on entitlement spending

Alan Grayson smiles. Photo: Bill Clark, Getty Images

House members Alan Grayson, Mark Takano get 30 signatures on pledge to fight entitlement reform

Conservatives: Obama's budget plan a 2014 vote gambit

Obama's Agenda.JPEG

The late budget plan is really an early piece of Obama’s election-day plan for November 2014, say GOP staffers.

Obama delinquent with budgets, always on time with March Madness brackets, say Republicans


‘It’s a shocking failure of leadership’

Obama must detail which programs get 'sequester' ax - TheDC

Budget Deficit

President has 30 days to give Congress detailed report on how budget cuts will affect domestic, military programs.

Sessions marks three years without budget: 'Deliberate plan' by Democrats - TheDC

Senate Republicans Hold News Conference To Discuss Budget

Sessions marks three years without budget: ‘Deliberate plan’ by Democrats

Sen. Sessions on Obama, Reid: 'We have no leadership' - TheDC

Senate Republicans Hold News Conference To Discuss Budget

Sen. Sessions on Obama, Reid: ‘We have no leadership’

The tax and debt bomb

The deficit-reduction plan that Obama unveiled on Wednesday represents a shift to the left for the president.

My statement on the budget deal: No more pale pastels - TheDC

Why I’m not a fan of the budget deal.

Tax dollars disappear into black hole

There are striking similarities between black holes and the fiscal abyss facing the United States.

Congress must avoid ham-fisted defense cuts

It’s good that members want to rein in spending, but they need to be careful not to make cuts that undermine our security.

The Tea Party's principled stand

At least the American people have some members of Congress who are willing to fight for our future.

The moral imperative of paying our debts today

Why we have a moral obligation to balance the budget — and soon.

The federal budget is full of waste

A recent report revealed that the federal budget includes at least $200 billion in flat-out waste.

Probably not the best time to say 'no' to spending cuts

Democrats will pay at the ballot box if they continue to resist necessary cuts.

Both parties claim to cut nonexistent $41 billion

The story of how House Republicans handed Senate Democrats a political talking point.

The Tea Party's hatchet vs. Obama's scalpel

Tea Party politicians need to be prepared for a government shutdown.

How Obama defends his budget - TheDC

In a press conference Tuesday morning, President Obama defended his budget proposal, sending five key messages

Big spender: Obama wants more for defense than Republicans - TheDC

President Obama recommends more Defense Department spending in his 2012 budget than Republicans did in their 2011 CR

Debt now equals total U.S. economy - Washington Times

Obama predicts that the national debt will reach $15 trillion, equal to the entire U.S. economy