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IT'S JUST POLITICS, PEOPLE: To Heal As A Nation, We Must Befriend People Who Don't Share Our Views

Opinion | Rabbi Elchanan Poupko
We must pledge allegiance to our fellow Americans

Father Admits To Removing Daughter's Body After She Allegedly Choked On Milk And Died

US | Gabrielle Okun
Found in a culvert

OOPS: CNN Anchor Doesn't Recognize The Star Spangled Banner

Politics | Amber Athey
Land of the free and home of the...confused?

Biden 2020? 'Absolutely Says His Brother

US | Henry Rodgers
'Why anyone would think otherwise?'

Veterans Fight To Fly American Flags In Georgia Neighborhood

US | Henry Rodgers
'I don't think I would be able to look at myself in the mirror'

Condi Was Asked If She Wants To Rename Monuments...Watch Her Patriotic Answer

Politics | Amber Athey
'That's the story of America'

Apple Considers Moving iPhone Factories From Asia To America

Business | Robert Donachie
'We have to do it'

American Surrogates Are Giving Birth To Anchor Babies

US | JP Carroll
Many foreigners try to game American surrogacy laws

Mexico FINALLY Gives Back Bodies Of American Patriots 170 Years Later

World | JP Carroll
Mexico found the bodies in 2011

War Of Words In UN Leads To Nothing But More Death In Syria

World | JP Carroll
Ambassadors played the blame game all day Sunday and 23 Syrians died

US Ambassador To UN: Russians Are Causing 'Barbarism' In Syria

World | JP Carroll
Russian Ambassador responds that peace might not be possible now

Putin May Have Purged Officers For Not Harassing US Ships

World | Saagar Enjeti
Putin is mad apparently

Chinese Propaganda Arm: Prepare For War In South China Sea

World | Saagar Enjeti
'Must be prepared'

Study Showing America Has World's Biggest Boobs Is A Hoax But Let's Rejoice Anyway [PHOTOS]

Education | Eric Owens
The 'Archimedes Method' to measure boob milliliters may or may not be real

Despite Afghan Claims Of Victory, ISIS Surging

World | Saagar Enjeti
ISIS cancer spreading across the globe

The EU's New Strategy Is One Step Closer To A European Army

National Security | Saagar Enjeti
Europe may be building one in the future

Celebrate The Two-Year Anniversary Of TJ Oshie's Olympic Heroics Against Russia

Sports | David Hookstead
Was it the greatest shootout ever?

Here Are America's Fattest States In 2015

US | Josh Fatzick
Where does your state rank?

DC Tops List Of Weirdest States. Where Does Your State Rank?

US | Josh Fatzick
Are you a weirdo or a normie?

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