'Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech' Workshops Take College Campuses By Storm

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ITHACA, NY/USA - SEPTEMBER 1, 2017: Featured is the Clock Tower of Cornell University, which recently hosted a free speech/"hate speech" workshop. (Shutterstock/Mihail Degteariov)

‘Hate speech is political speech’

Students Learn The Words 'Crazy,' 'Ghetto,' And 'Illegal Alien' Aren't Inclusive

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‘At UIC, diversity is our strength — our competitive edge’

University Poster Insists Israel Operates 'The Largest Concentration Camp In The World'

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A girl is seen through an Israeli flag during a demonstration against a court decision to demolish housing units in the Jewish settlement of Beit El, outside the Supreme Court in Jerusalem July 8, 2015. Israel's Supreme Court ruled that 24 housing units, built on Palestinian owned land, be razed by July 30, according to local media. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

‘Ending white privilege … starts with ending Jewish privilege’

LAWSUIT: Political Science Professor Forced To Teach Statistics Because Asians Are 'Good At' Math

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Korean propaganda Shutterstock/Seita

‘Asians, especially Koreans, are very good at mathematics and statistics’

RIOTS Expected At Black Lives Matter Event Where Trump Spoke -- Oh Wait. Never Mind

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YouTube screenshot/MSNBC, photo by Eric Owens

The University of Illinois at Chicago is where Trump’s campaign event was canceled

Students And Professors Are FREAKING OUT Because Trump Is Speaking On Their Chicago Campus

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pauses to look at a demonstrator behind him during a campaign rally in Fayetteville, N.C., March 9, 2016

‘This event threatens to create a hostile and physically dangerous environment’