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Highly-Touted College Football Player Tragically Dies. Here's What We Know

Sports | David Hookstead
It's a very sad event

Aborting An Unborn Child Doesn't Lead To Depression, Study Says

Health | Grace Carr
But is the reverse true?

Why Are Colleges Paying Students To Promote Left-Wing Causes?

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Under patriarchal norms'

University Of Maryland Celebrates Transgenders' Pronoun Pronouncement Day

Education | Grace Carr
'Pro tips'

Man Caught Spray Painting Swastika On College Campus Is Black, Report Says

Education | Eric Lieberman
'Subjected to hate'

New Diversity Director Comes To College After Student Complaints

Education | Amber Randall
'More welcoming and inclusive environment for all'

HATE CRIME ALERT: Campus Cops Investigate Plastic Wrap On Sidewalk Shaped Vaguely Like Noose

Education | Eric Owens
'Concern for possible hate-bias'

Students Practice Saying 'Xyr' And 'Ey' At Gender-Neutral Pronoun Workshop

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Using the right pronoun is always the right thing to do'

World's First Malaria Vaccine Will Be Out Next Year

Energy | Andrew Follett
'It will save hundreds of thousands of lives a year'

NASA Is Sending 12 Satellites To Venus In Search Of Mysterious Substance

Energy | Andrew Follett
One of these satellites will be a cube less than four inches across

University Of Maryland Creates Position To Protect Illegals

Education | David Krayden
'To ... address the immediate needs of the undocumented student population'

Scientists Are A Lot Closer To Making Nuclear Fusion Work

Energy | Andrew Follett
Fusion reactors will be much easier to build now...

University Wants To Be 'Sanctuary Campus' For Illegals

Education | David Krayden
'We want everybody on campus to feel safe, whether they are documented or not...'

Public University Promotes Lecture That Claims White Supremacy Elected Trump

Education | David Krayden
Trump presidency a 'consequence of a...commitment to white supremacy.'

This Might Be The Dumbest Campus Controversy In The History Of Dumb Campus Controversies

Education | Blake Neff
So dumb

Brown University Cops Won't Report Race Of Wanted Suspects

Education | Blake Neff
Students denounced practice as racist

Security Guard Shot In Botched Campus Robbery

US | Steve Birr
'A tremendous fella'

PROOF: America's College Students Don't Know The Words To The National Anthem

Education | Eric Owens
'By the dawn's early lie' 'As the flag was still gleaming'

ISIS Responsible For 33,000 Gruesome Deaths Since It Came Into Existence

World | Jonah Bennett
At least 30 organizations have pledged allegiance to ISIS

Academic Says Science Programs Are Breeding Climate Alarmists

Energy | Chris White
'Climate science curriculum has been co-opted, to satisfy the climate change fear-mongering'

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