Birth Control Linked To Cancer, New Study Finds

Health | Grace Carr
Scientists have linked hormonal contraceptives to an increased prevalence of breast cancer. (Photo: Shutterstock)

‘Absolute increases in risk were small’

Scientists Suggest Ancient Viruses Are Lurking In Humans' DNA

US | Gabrielle Okun

‘Barely at the beginning’

Scientist Who Put Pants On Rats To Study Their Sex Lives Wins Fake Nobel Prize

Education | Andrew Follett
Mouse wearing pants is in the cellar (Shutterstock/luckyway)

Harvard honored the scientist’s fake research with a fake cash prize

Declining Quality In British Universities Blamed On 'Forced Diversity'

Education | Jacob Bojesson
View of St John's College, University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England, UK. (Credit: Javen/

Spend too much time on ‘ethnic minorities’

Study: Global Warming Will Change Your Taste In Music

World | Michael Bastasch

‘We found that music can be a deep cultural measure as to people’s response to weather’

Report: Global Warming Did Not Devastate South Pacific Islands

World | Michael Bastasch

‘There will be a time when the waters will not recede’