'Diversity' Spending Resumes At University Of Tennessee

Education | David Krayden
Getty Images/University of Tennessee

‘We didn’t really mean to just defund them for a year and then bring it back in a year.’

Campus Zealots Show No Regard For Due Process Or Needs Of Accused Students

Opinion | Michelle Owens

At the University of Tennessee, sexual assault policies leave no room for opposing views.

New Metal Could Make Nuclear Reactors 100 Times More Radiation Proof

Energy | Andrew Follett
Nuclear reactors at night , cooling tower closeup with steam.(Shutterstock/chuyuss)

It’s already statistically the safest way of generating electricity

Student Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Getting Prof's Name Wrong

Education | Blake Neff
Failing grade. [Shutterstock/Matt Benoit]

And it’s the Obama administration’s fault!

Instapundit 'Run Them Down' Tweet Ruled Free Speech, No Discipline Coming

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
A pistol that police said was in the possession of Keith Lamont Scott is seen in a picture provided by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 24, 2016. (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department/Handout via Reuters)

‘Exercise of his First Amendment rights’

Instapundit 'Investigated' For Tweet, Magnanimously Cleared Of All Charges

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
'Nevertheless, the tweet offended many members of our community and beyond'

Tennessee House Passes Bill To Defund College Diversity Department

Education | Blake Neff
Tennessee flag [Wikimedia/Creative Commons]

Attempt to ban Christmas parties provokes backlash

Former Tennessee Football Player Arrested, Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Sports | Christian Datoc
Tennessee Football Player Arrested For Child Sex Crimes (Pinellas County Sherrifs/Getty Images)

Charged with four counts of transmission of harmful material

71% Of Democrats Say Free Speech Must Be Regulated On Campus To Stop Hate

Education | Blake Neff

53 percent support punishments for ‘racially offensive statements’

Cornell University Warns Mistletoe Isn't 'Inclusive' Enough And Students Shouldn't Use It

Education | Blake Neff
Mistletoe [Getty Images]

Respect diversity by making decorations less diverse

The Fed's $50 Billion Ethanol Mandate Is Actually HARMING the Environment

Energy | Michael Bastasch
A gas pump selling E15, a gasoline with 15 percent of ethanol, is seen in Mason City, Iowa, United States, May 18, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

‘Corn ethanol increases emissions of these pollutants relative to gasoline’

Harvard Now Lets Students Choose Whichever Pronoun They Want

Education | Blake Neff

Forget ‘he’ and ‘she,’ want to be a ‘ze’?