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EXCLUSIVE: CNN's Crossfire Begins Dumping Staff


Uh oh. Gone so soon?

Want the tea party to win in 2014? Then end the student loan scam

Graduating students arrive for Commencement Exercises at Boston College in Boston

Picket college campuses and hippie professors

Van Jones: Hillary Clinton 'has two husbands, Bill and Barack'

'She can't divorce either one of them'

Van Jones: Green movement is too white


The color of change

Newt Gingrich, Van Jones spar over Zimmerman verdict


‘I’ve been called ‘n*gger, n*gger, n*gger, n*gger’ on Twitter’

Former Obama advisor Van Jones: Racism won


Color of Change blames media stereotypes for Zimmerman verdict

New 'Crossfire' cast previews show with debate on gay marriage ruling

Gingrich, Cupp, Jones and Cutter give CNN viewers preview of upcoming program

What would the new 'Crossfire' hosts' babies look like?


One has a mustache already

CNN's 'Crossfire' to return with Cutter, Jones, Cupp and Gingrich


Cable news channel brings back long-running debate show eight years after ending

Climate change protestors flood National Mall


Crowd led by Van Jones consists of hippies, people dressed as the Grim Reaper and ‘beautiful’ college students

Van Jones at Democratic convention: 'I'm being taped against my will' - TheDC

Activist rebuffs a Daily Caller request for comment at the Democratic National Convention

The top four stories the media has downplayed to help Obama

To the media, there is no higher calling than protecting Obama.

Obama Energy Dept. awards $2 million grant to solar company linked with Van Jones - TheDC

Van Jones

Solar Mosaic employs former Obama ‘green jobs’ czar, uses his PR firm

Van Jones: Left-wingers no longer 'in love' with Obama [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘We’re in a quandary. We like this president, but we’re not in love with him like we used to be’

Even Van Jones is defending Cory Booker from left-wing attacks - TheDC

Cory Booker Phone

‘An urban mayor who nearly DIED saving neighbor from a fire, has earned right 2 demand integrity’

Van Jones rips Holder over Operation Fast and Furious - TheDC

Civil rights activist Van Jones

‘I believe that if this was happening across our other border in Canada, we’d probably take it a little more seriously’

Van Jones: I was silent during BP spill because Obama's president - TheDC

‘You’ve never seen the environmental movement more quiet during an oil spill’

Van Jones: Obama let the tea party 'set him up' by being 'so bipartisan' - TheDC

‘There’s a lot of economic pain out there, and progressives don’t have organizations and campaigns that speak to that economic pain’

Van Jones: We have to re-elect Obama to 'stop the tea party' - TheDC

‘I don’t care what you think about Mitt Romney. If we wins, he’ll win because the tea party got excited enough’

Why Van Jones fears libertarianism

He’s afraid minorities are starting to view libertarianism as a legitimate alternative to big-government liberalism.