Vice CEO Reportedly Made His Employees Dance Like Little Monkeys

Media | Joe Simonson
How hip

EXCLUSIVE: Gavin McInnes Weighs In On Vice Media Replacing CEO Shane Smith

Media | Joe Simonson
Gavin McInnes parted with the company in 2008.

VICE Waypoint Accuses Video Game Of 'Transphobia,' Gets Eaten Alive By Transgender Community

Entertainment | Ian Miles Cheong
A virtue signal gone wrong.

Vice Loses Major $100 Million Investment, Forces Television Channel Off Air

Business | Joe Simonson
'Audience habits change'

Vice Just Lost All Credibility

Sports | Ford Springer
You can't have it both ways

Vice Media Suspends Top Executives For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Media | Joe Simonson
Paid out $135,000 in 2016...

Vice Employees Accuse Company Of 'Unsafe,' 'Dirty' Environment

US | Amber Randall
'You just have to deal'

Hippies Hold Seance To Summon Communist Founder

US | Joshua Gill
'Spookiest thing of all is capitalism'

VICE Journalist Commits Career Suicide Following Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations

World | Ian Miles Cheong
Once beloved by the left, Sam Kriss is over.

Women Are Drinking Each Other's Breast Milk, Because Why Not?

Entertainment | Robert Donachie
'I decided to find out if drinking ... would do wonders for me too'

Hippie Walks Across America Barefoot To Protest Globalchange Climatewarming

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Fake News: Media Pushes Bogus Survey As Proof Trump Causes Bullying

Education | Blake Neff
An anonymous self-selecting survey doesn't prove anything

Why The FBI May Have To Admit The Email Investigation Is Criminal

US | Chuck Ross
FBI may have to admit email investigation is a criminal one

Turkey Holds Vice News Reporters On 'ISIS Terrorism' Charges

World | Ivan Plis
This will probably help their street cred

Cruz, Lesbian Actress Lock Horns Over Religious Liberties

Elections | Christian Datoc
Ellen Page: 'Would you use that argument in segregation?!?!?!'

HBO Documentary On Patriot Movement Contained At Least One BIG LIE

US | Chuck Ross
Expert claimed Colorado bombing targeted NAACP

Biden Makes EYE-POPPING Admission On How Anti-Coal Push Will Hurt Americans

Business | Michael Bastasch
'Good people who worked their whole life'

Burning Man Is Pluralist, Not Progressive, And Grover Should Totally Attend

Opinion | Kyle Hartz
The ATR chief gets what the playa is about.

VICE founder, famous for truth telling, has history of lies

US | Charles C. Johnson
'Vice was built on lies'

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