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Why the 'Flappy Bird' creator pulled the game

Flappy Bird Game

‘It happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem’

Popular game gets BREATHTAKING virtual reality upgrade

Every sight, step, movement and word interacts with the game

This video game cost players $200,000 in real dollars over one day

EVE Online

‘This sort of conflict is what science fiction warned us about’

By 2015, you're probably going to step completely inside of a video game

Software designer Julian Kantor who created "The Recital" takes a picture of Jonathan Feng as he uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to experience his program during E3 in Los Angeles

Virtual reality will be here much sooner than you think

Firing a gun with Google Glass looks like a first-person shooter [VIDEO]

A+ for video game authenticity

The public policy lessons of 'Doom'


Why the first edition launched a gaming revolution, and the third fell flat

Why you can't play games on YouTube anymore

Visitors stand in front of a logo of YouTube at the YouTube Space Tokyo, operated by Google, in Tokyo

‘It’s crazy. Nothing like this has happened before’

Valve reveals Steam Controller, the companion for Steam Machines

Games-Developer Choice Awards.JPEG

Valve’s controller is a radical redesign of the typical console controller

A second teen spends months in jail for sarcastic video game threat


‘He spent his birthday and the holidays behind bars’

Study: Violent video games do not cause real violence

Sony PlayStation Store

‘It’s nonsense’

BEDFORD: Five ways conservatives are undermining the case against gun control - TheDC Opinion

NRA Vice-President Wayne LaPierre. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP.

Irony, hypocrisy and stupidity in the Newtown debate

Washington Post: Video games don't kill people, people kill people

Video game

‘Video game consumption, based on international data, does not seem to correlate at all with an increase in gun violence’

Obama launches online video game advertisements after criticizing online video games - TheDC


Young gamers might notice a new character during their electronic adventures this fall: President Barack Obama

Baseball champ facing possible failure in video game business - AP

Curt Schilling

World Series champ Curt Schilling’s video game company, 38 Studios, laid off its entire staff of about 300 last month

Video game maker linked to US prisoner in Iran - AP

Real Life Video Games

‘This week, he became the first American sentenced to death in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution’

New research says violent video games don't cause violence - BGR

Games Halo Reach

‘Playing video games actually can increase a gamer’s cognitive function’

Calif. can't ban violent video game sales - AP

Supreme Court Violent Video Games

Supreme Court says California cannot ban the rental or sale of violent video games to children

StarCraft II launches - PC World

Despite the struggle of the PC gaming industry, today’s sequel to 1998′s StarCraft was launched with expectations of huge sales

Nintendo demonstrates portable 3D game console - PC Magazine

The 3DS has two screens, one with touch sensitivity and the other with three-dimensional visuals