NYU Librarian Endorses Antifa Violence As Necessary For Social Justice

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Antifa counter protesters against right-wing group Patriot Prayer light a smoke grenade in Portland, Oregon, U.S. Sept. 10, 2017. Patriot Prayer announced they were moving their Sunday rally from downtown Portland to nearby Vancouver, Washington, citing fears for their safety. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

She justified violence from the far-left extremist movement Antifa as “vitally worth doing.”

Criminal Justice Professor Justifies Antifa Violence And Jokes About Dead Cops

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Riot police stand before Antifa members and counter protesters during a rightwing No To Marxism rally on August 27, 2017 at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Berkeley, California. / AFP PHOTO / Amy Osborne (Photo credit should read AMY OSBORNE/AFP/Getty Images)

Mike Isaacson joked about killing his students, who are training to become police officers.

London's Victoria & Albert Museum To Host Exhibition On 'Sexism' In Video Games

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The museum claims that video games are rife with sexist depictions of women.

Getting Dangerous: Man Gets Physical With GOP Congressman At Town Hall

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CNN anchor rationalizes the assault.

Research Shows Murders Are Heavily Concentrated In Small Fraction Of Counties

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Photo: Shuttershock/Police Tape

They should start enforcing state and federal laws

Wellesley College Student Newspaper Endorses Violence Against Unpopular Speech

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A battle escalated Monday in Ottawa following Saint Paul University's cancellation of a film screening. (Photo: Shutterstock)

‘Hostility may be warranted.’

Anti-Violence Rally Ends In Fight Between Rival Activists On Steps Of City Hall

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Supporters of the mayor heckled group as they spoke to the press

Meet The Sick Mizzou Media Professor Who Threatened A Reporter With MOB VIOLENCE

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University of Missouri website, YouTube screenshot/TheMizzouTube

Two days ago Melissa Click requested media attention to PROMOTE protests

'Game of Thrones' Creator: Worry More About Violence

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Really, Oberyn? I mean, really? You couldn't just finish off The Mountain and get Tyrion the W. You were such a cool character. A strange, bisexual, hedonistic badass with a spear from Dorne washed away like that. George R. R. Martin really does feed off the tears of his fans. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)

Cable choice is a way to make sure consumers aren’t paying for content they find objectionable.

Not-so-friendly mascot punches a guy right in the face

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The unofficial mascot of the Cubs didn’t take too kindly to being harassed at a Chicago bar

Government employee union boss calls for thug tactics against voter ID

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J. David Cox with Jesse Jackson (J. David Cox/Facebook)

AFGE President J. David Cox pledges to ‘fight in the streets’ regardless of Supreme Court decision

Ted Cruz's violent stalker inspired by Democratic Party messaging

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FBI investigation underway

6 great parliamentary fights to put the defunding 'battle' in perspective

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All over the world, democracy’s just another word for beating people up

Trayvon protester strikes woman trying to get granddaughter to hospital

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‘I think it’s ridiculous that they’re taking it this far. It’s going to become a civil war almost’

Study: Violent video games do not cause real violence

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Sony PlayStation Store

‘It’s nonsense’

New Mexico man charged in bizarre church attack

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Even the power of a flutist could not stop atttack that wounded four parishioners

Earth Day co-founder killed, 'composted' his ex-girlfriend - TheDCNF

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Ira Einhorn told police she went missing shopping for tofu and sprouts

Obama lashes out at GOP, NRA after gun bill fails

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President blames “90 percent of Republicans in the Senate” for defeat of Toomey/Manchin gun amendment

Bankrupt Calif. town's city attorney warns: 'Lock your doors and load your guns' - TheDC

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‘We don’t have enough police officers. We have too many criminals.’