25 Captivating Vines To Watch At 2 AM

Entertainment | Audrey Conklin

Great use of time

Woman Caught Having Sex In Denny's Parking Lot Explains Herself

US | Kaitlan Collins

Just wait until you see what she’s blaming it on

Man Runs Into Fire To Save His Ribs From Burning, Also Remembers His Kids

US | Alex Pfeiffer
(youtube screenshot/ KMPH FOX 26)

‘Only thing I think first is make sure them ribs is right’

62-Year-Old Badass Tries Out MMA; OBLITERATES Much Younger Opponent

Sports | Christian Datoc

That’s some ‘old man’ strength

AMAZING! Dancing Kid Steals The Show At High School Basketball Game

Sports | Christian Datoc

Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it

Grandma 'Attacked' By Shark At Spy Museum, Hilarity Ensues

Entertainment | Eric Owens

Today in video that has somehow gone viral

This QB's Incredible Trick Shot Will Leave You Wondering If It's Even Real

Sports | Seth Richardson

Forget about soccer for a minute

Prepare To Sob As You Watch This Military Dad Surprise His Daughter At Graduation

Education | TheDC Entertainment

She thought he was deployed in Cuba

Man Bowls Epic Strike From Bowling Alley's Front Door [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

From 120 feet away

This Impromptu Jam Session Will Probably Make Your Day

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Definitely warms your heart

Human Transformer Wins Street Performing

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Brings joy to the child in some of us

Breakup Letter To Upworthy SLAMS Misleading Headlines

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘F**k you link-bait’

Drunk Lady Acts Like A Drunk Lady, Keeps Interrupting Reporter's Live Shot

Entertainment | Sarah Hofmann

She had important things to talk about, like Dairy Queen and dog etiquette


Entertainment | TheDC Entertainment

As they should be

This cute baby is definitely not impressed by this precious bulldog puppy

Entertainment | TheDC Entertainment

There’s only room for one super cute thing in a household at a time

Adorable little boy recites every bad word he knows

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Don’t worry, it’s more encouraging than you think

This Old Spice ad is, once again, so stupid it's hilarious [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Vince Coglianese

‘Get shaved in the face!’

Future litigator hilariously explains to his mom why he needs a cupcake

Entertainment | TheDC Entertainment
'Linda, honey, listen'