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Internet Explorer security hole lets hackers steal users' online banking info

Microsoft vice president Dean Hachamovitch unveils Internet Explorer 9 Beta version in San Franncisco

If the attack is successful, the exploit drops a banking Trojan that steals login details from certain banks

This WiFi virus is contagious like the common cold -- and scary

A woman walks past a WiFi-enabled phone booth in New York

‘We demonstrated that this is possible and that it can spread quickly’

Elementary school teacher swears virus is to blame for porn on school laptop

Stephen Brown. Photo: WFTV screenshot

Teacher says he was a victim of particularly nasty malware

Deadly coronavirus claims two more victims

Britain Coronavirus.JPEG

The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that the new coronavirus in the Middle East killed two more people

Oh by the way, a biolab in Texas has lost a deadly virus vial [VIDEO]


Watch out for bleeding from ‘the mouth, eyes, or ears’