VW Lost Billions In Fines After It Was Caught Cheating Emissions Tests. States Are Blowing All The Money On Green Projects

Energy | Tim Pearce
They probably feel really good about themselves

Volkswagen Says It Won't Make Monkeys Breathe Car Exhaust For Science Anymore

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Ethical and moral questions'

California Will Use Its Winnings From VW Lawsuit To Buy Electric Car Charging Stations

Energy | Tim Pearce
$300 million

Another Top Exec Indicted In The Scandal That Has Cost VW More Than $30 Billion

Energy | Tim Pearce
'A clear message'

'Huge Victory': West Virginia Reaches Multimillion-Dollar Deal With VW Over Dieselgate Scandal

Business | Chris White

Trump Should Say 'NEIN' To Merkel's Attempt To Dump Cheap Volkswagens On U.S. Market

op-ed | Gerard Scimeca
Americans should remember that Volkswagen cheated. And we should not let cheaters win

VW Boss Predicts 'Renaissance' For Diesel Vehicles Once People Forgive And Forget

Business | Chris White
Hedging its bets

This University Is Under Fire For Something Obama's EPA Did Years Ago

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Absurd and abhorrent'

Expect Enviros To Lose Their Minds After US Automakers Bet Big On Diesel Trucks

Business | Chris White
'We know how to do it'

Ford Goes 'All In' On Electric Vehicles In Attempt To Squeeze Into Crowded Market

Business | Chris White
'We have to do it with vehicles that are already popular'

Volkswagen Official Sentenced To 7 Years In The Slammer For Role In Emission Scandal

Energy | Chris White
'Cheated the American people'

VW Execs Allegedly Instructed Manager To Lie When Discussing Emission Scandal

Business | Chris White
'Regrettably, I agreed to follow it'

Europe Is Waging War On The Internal Combustion Engine

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It’s not a human right to pollute the air'

Enviro Activists Attempt To Sabotage Ship Transporting VW Vehicles

Energy | Chris White
'Diesel cars are toxic'

VW Engineer Gets 4 Year Prison Sentence For Role In Diesel-Gate Scandal

Business | Chris White
Judge upped the sentence

Investors Are Beginning To Realize Tesla Is Standing On Shaky Ground

Business | Chris White
'It's not a level I’m willing to step into yet.'

Germany Signals Support For Banning All Fossil Fuel Vehicles By 2040

Business | Chris White
'The right approach'

Trump Administration Ends Government Shakedown Practices

Opinion | Ron Hart
The DOJ sends settlement money taken money from companies to pet liberal causes.

VW Executive Faces 5 Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty In Emissions Scandal

Business | Chris White
a fine of more than $250,000

Executive Pleads Guilty In VW Dieselgate Scandal

Business | Chris White

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