California Needs Voter ID

op-ed | Pedro Gonzalez
voter id Shutterstock/Rob Crandall

Latinos registered to vote are confident they have the identification required to vote

Sessions' Decision Means Voter ID Bills Are Moving Ahead Across The Country

Politics | Kerry Picket
A voter casts his ballot on November 8, 2016 at Sibley Community Center in Sibley, Missouri. (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

New voter ID proposals in the pipeline

Supreme Court Rejects Texas Voter ID Law Appeal

US | Allison Thibault
U.S. Supreme Court is seen in Washington, U.S., October 3, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Regarded as one of the strictest Voter ID laws

League Of Women Voters: The Election Was Rigged

Elections | Kerry Picket
Voters fill out their ballots on election day for the U.S. presidential election at Elevation Fire Station in Benson, North Carolina November 8, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane

‘We also need to say it out loud: This election was rigged’

Texas Conducting Its Largest Voter Fraud Investigation To 'Crush Illegal Voting'

US | Annabel Scott

‘Some say the investigation is a politically motivated, others argue that it’s finally shedding light on an issue’

Supreme Court Throws Out Arizona, Kansas Voter ID Appeal

Politics | Christian Datoc
US Supreme Court Throws Out Arizona, Kansas Voter ID Appeal (Getty Images)

Obama administration urged SCOTUS not to hear the case

Victory For Opponents Of Voter ID Laws In Texas, Wisconsin

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons/James Mallos)

‘Racial discrimination simply cannot spread to the ballot box’

Rand Paul Slams Voter ID: 'It's Offending People'

Politics | Scott Greer
Sen. Rand Paul speaks during the inaugural Freedom Summit meeting in Manchester, N.H.

But last year he defend Voter ID

O'Reilly blasts 'craziness' over voter ID racism: 'This is a ruse'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Grievance industry wants people to think the Republican Party is suppressing votes’

At least 81 dead people have been voting in North Carolina

US | Alex Pappas
An election worker sets up a voting booth in the library of Spring Hill Elementary School, which is being used as a polling station in McLean, Virginia

State rep: ‘we have fraud and error vulnerabilities in our election system’

Colin Powell: 'Certain elements' in Republican party 'demonize' minorities, women

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Are you still a Republican, or what do you think you are?’

Democrats hijack MLK Day to attack voter ID laws

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘They KNOW the single most dangerous thing to give us is the right to vote!’

Penn. judge rules voter ID law unconstitutional

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘Extremely disappointed’

Government employee union boss calls for thug tactics against voter ID

US | Charles C. Johnson
J. David Cox with Jesse Jackson (J. David Cox/Facebook)

AFGE President J. David Cox pledges to ‘fight in the streets’ regardless of Supreme Court decision

DOJ whistleblower: 'Voting law, Civil Rights Law is a tool to help Democrats'

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford

‘A partisan operation cloaked in the noble history of civil rights’

Texas immediately restores voter ID law after Supreme Court decision

Politics | Katie McHugh

‘Laws that apply unequally to just some states have no place in our nation’

Obama appoints anti-voter ID Dem to co-lead voter commission

Politics | Laurel Conrad
Obama on election night, 2012. Jewel Samad/Getty Images.

Was lead Obama re-election, DNC lawyer in 2012

Report: Kellogg Foundation, Soros, SEIU funded attacks on voter ID laws - TheDC

Politics | David Martosko

‘Racial justice’ group collected millions, cast ‘True the Vote’ group as racially motivated