How Many More Elections Will Democrats Be Allowed To Steal?

Opinion | Megan Barth
There has been no evidence of Russian interference

Voter Fraud: A Fact Democrats Wish Was Fiction

Opinion | James Merse
America has to come first, and that starts with American people at the American polls.

Why Are College Students' Votes Worth More Than Everyone Else's?

Opinion | Michael Thielen
People with addresses in multiple states can lie to make their vote count more.

Liberal Writer Questions Whether White Men Should Be Allowed To Vote

Opinion | David Hookstead
She is very serious

Dr. King And The Meaning Of Voting Rights

Opinion | Jessie Fields
The black community cannot be reduced to a special interest.

Rhode Island Discovers 150,000 Voters Erroneously On Rolls

US | Kerry Picket
'It's really just inaccuracies'

The Left's Crusade Against Honest Elections

Opinion | Michael Thielen
According to some leftists, simply being a Republican means supporting voter disenfranchisement...

Eleven States Threatened With Lawsuits If No Action Taken To Clean Voter Rolls

US | Kerry Picket
'Dirty election rolls can mean dirty elections'

Voters Lose In An Open Primary

Opinion | Peter Gemma
To refill ballot boxes, it will take more and better candidates.

Is Peace In Israel Possible?

Opinion | Elliot Resnick
The question isn't "Jewish vs. democratic." It’s "Jewish vs. suicidal liberal."

Why Pollsters Can't Be Dreamers

Opinion | Yitzchok Saftlas
Is it the pollsters or pundits who are on a prediction losing streak?

Suing To Win Elections

Opinion | Thomas Ascik
Democrats seek to undo the six-year tide of Republican "populist" electoral success.

MEDIA BIAS: Despite Warnings, Pollsters Missed The Trump "Undercount"

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
It doesn’t help when most pollsters aren't even pretending to practice real science.

Surprise: The Pollsters Were Right (Sort Of)

Opinion | Keith Naughton
The media is still in a fog on polling.

No, Every Vote Really Doesn't Count

Opinion | Arthur A. Fleisher and Alexandre Padilla
The plethora of other choices you make on Tuesday will impact your life much more than your decision at the ballot box.

6.8 MILLION: How Birthright Citizenship Is Changing US Elections

Politics | Justin Caruso
'icing on the cake' for those on the left

Is This The World's First Pro-Bullying PSA?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

2016 Proves "None Of The Above" Belongs On The Ballot

Opinion | David Benkof
This electoral tweak could make American democracy healthier.

It's Time to Make Our Elections Truly National

| Suhail Khan
The candidate who earns the most votes in all fifty states should be elected president.

You Should Never Stay Home On Election Day

Opinion | Ben Collins
Don't underestimate the power of the legislative branch. Those who don't vote in congressional elections live under laws created by those who do.

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