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'Morning Joe' Panel Savages NYT On Gender Pay Gap, Predicts 'Backlash' From Women

‘There’s still an old boy culture in The New York Times’

Was The New York Times' First Female Head Editor Fired For Being 'Bitchy' Over Gender Wage Gap?

WIRED Business Conference: Think Bigger

At least they didn’t use ‘bossy’

White House pay gap twice as large as pay gap in the District of Columbia

Barack Obama signs executive actions aimed at equal pay for women at the White House in Washington

‘You can look at the paychecks. You can look at the stubs’

Why the Paycheck Fairness Act hurts women

Paycheck Fairness Act

The 77-cents statistic is bogus.

Cruz: 'No one is being hurt more than women by the Obama economy'

‘Using women to hide what they’re really trying to do’

Fox's Ed Henry successfully trolls White House over female wage gap hypocrisy

‘Somehow I can’t ask fair questions about pay equity because I’m a man’

Obama looks to close wage gap while paying female staffers less than men

President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington
Obama will sign two new executive orders to close the wage gap Tuesday

Analysis: Men still make a lot more than women in Obama's White House

White House

In Obama White House, less lipstick, more lip service

Obama calls on CEOs to be fairer to women, pays women less than men

Obama signs Lilly Ledbetter Act

Obama laments wage gap despite paying women staffers less then male staffers in his White House and Senate offices

Dads worth less than moms around house: study - Reuters

Retro House Wife

The worth a mother’s typical household work is nearly three times greater

ALEX CASTELLANOS: Different pay for different work - TheDC Opinion


The truth about the gender wage gap.