Those Who Defend America Get Smeared Again

Guns and Gear | Harold Hutchison
Navy SEAL (Credit: Shutterstock)

It is easy to criticize those that do the fighting when you are safely far from the sound of the guns

Palestinians To Sue Israel For War Crimes

World | Ivan Plis

May bring trouble to Hamas as well

97-year-old Hungarian man arrested, charged with Holocaust war crimes - AP

World | InternAdmin
Laszlo Csatary

Csatary was named chief of an internment camp at a Kosice brick factory from where 12,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps

Pfc. Bradley Manning a hero? Berkeley won't say now - AP

US | admin

Berkeley tables vote on calling Wikileaker a hero

Who's Threatening Your Civil Rights Now? - Ricochet

Politics | Pat McMahon

A look at the Obama administration’s actions that have infringed on personal rights

Neb. man charged with waterboarding girlfriend - AP

US | interns

Concerned that she was seeing another man, a Nebraska man is being accused of waterboarding his girlfriend

Naomi Campbell unsure about 'dirty-looking stones' - AP

Entertainment | admin

Reluctantly, the model testified before a war crimes tribunal Thursday regarding the alleged diamonds former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor gave her in 1997

Khmer Rouge jailer faces 19 years for 16,000 dead [VIDEO] - AP

World | admin

The U.N.-backed tribunal sentenced the former chief jailed nicknamed Duch for his part in the ‘killing fields’ regime

UN court orders retrial for former Kosovo premier - AP

World | admin

The retrial on murder and torture charges were a result of the “miscarriage of justice” that led to his acquittal two years ago

Bybee: CIA used some techniques we didn't authorize - TPM

Politics | interns

Former DOJ lawyer Jay Bybee claims that the CIA used some interrogation techniques not authorized by the infamous “torture memos”

NY Dem wants Iran's pres. arrested in U.S. - The Hill

Politics | interns

Rep. Steve Israel sats Amadinejad should be arrested and tried with war crimes

Kyrgyzstan’s ex-President charged with mass murder - New York TIMES

World | interns

Kyrgyzstan’s new authorities have charged the country’s former president with mass murder in the deaths of scores of anti-government protesters earlier this month, an official in the provisional government said Tuesday

A stranger in a strange land - Los Angeles Times

Politics | interns

The former Bush administration interrogation lawyer now calls ‘the People’s Republic of Berkeley’ home

Former Nazi hit man gets life in prison for WWII murders - AP

World | interns

A German court on Tuesday convicted an 88-year-old of murdering three Dutch civilians as part of a Nazi hit squad during World War II, capping six decades of efforts to bring the former Waffen SS man to justice

When lawyers attack

Opinion | Cesar Conda

We all know lawyers are a fraternity, but in this case they seem to think being a member of the bar in good standing puts you above criticism or even inquiry

MI5: Garner intelligence by any means necessary - The Telegraph

World | interns

Information gathered from foreign intelligence agencies is not easily identifiable, particularly how the information was obtained

Hoekstra: Dems will try to pass interrogation bill again - THE DAILY CALLER

Politics | Alex Pappas

Republicans stopped a provision that establishes criminal penalties for CIA officers that use cruel, inhuman or degrading interrogation methods from making it into the Intelligence bill passed Friday — but the leading Republican on the House intelligence committee said that provision is hardly dead

Pelosi briefed on CIA interrogation methods in April 2002 - HUMAN EVENTS

Politics | interns

No one has been more active in the Democrats’ war against our intelligence community than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; last May, HUMAN EVENTS reported first on the CIA memorandum that showed that Pelosi had lied when she denied that she had been briefed on CIA waterboarding of terrorist prisoners

Former CIA Director Hayden: Thiessen’s ‘Courting Disaster’ a must-read

Feature:Opinion | Michael Hayden

Marc Thiessen begins his new book, ‘Courting Disaster,’ with something of a disclaimer: For reasons of security and classification, he says, he should not have been able to write it. He’s right. He shouldn’t have been able to write it. But I’m glad he did.

The Christmas bomber speaks … finally

Opinion | Marc Thiessen

After five weeks of exercising his “right to remain silent,” the Christmas bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has finally begun cooperating, and according to The Washington Post is now “providing FBI interrogators with useful intelligence about his training and contacts.” Administration officials are hawking this development as a vindication of their patient approach to Abdulmutallab’s questioning. The Post even declares that this “[r]esult counters recent criticism of the case’s handling.”