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Addressing International Fragility Is Key To Winning The War On Terror

Opinion | Rep. Michael McCaul
Only by recognizing the danger of fragile states and promoting stability can this struggle be won.

How Political Correctness Is Sabotaging Our War Against Jihad

Opinion | Dr. William Kilpatrick
Muslim terrorists all over the world believe in Allah’s command to wage jihad against unbelievers. We can't be blind to this.

Cobras Bite Isis In Libya

Guns and Gear | Harold Hutchison
Marines take the snakes to the desert war

Hey, Let's Watch The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Obama's Former CIA Chief And Secretary Of Defense Slams White House's Handling Of ISIS

Politics | Derek Hunter

Who Is Determining The Rules Of Engagement In Our War On Terror And Why It Matters

Guns and Gear | Harold Hutchison
American Planes Don't Drop Their Bombs 75% Of The Time - Why?

Leader Of Elite Al-Qaeda Cell Killed In Airstrike

World | Alex Pfeiffer
'In terms of threat to the homeland, Khorasan may pose as much of a danger as the Islamic State'

Time For Resolution On The Bergdahl Case: Those Who Searched For Him Deserve It

Opinion | Michael G. Waltz
A court martial is the right move.

Iran’s Massive Rocket Moves To Launch Pad While The West Capitulates To Islam

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear
With Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela (and perhaps Turkey) working together to prefect nuclear weapons, the farce of the negotiations gets thinner with each discovery

Our Next Step In The War On Terror: Obama Sends Crosby, Stills And Nash To Serenade Iranian Mullahs

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear
Green Beret Paul Avallone declares Je Suis Charlie symbolism is "Merde!"

Obama Promises West Point Grads To Close Gitmo SIX YEARS After Promising to Close Gitmo

Politics | Eric Owens
The president vaguely recalls a 2008 campaign promise

Guilty of aiding the American people

Opinion | Anthony Gregory
Bradley Manning was indeed no al Qaeda abetter, but his verdict was far from just.

Obama urges end to war on terrorism

Politics | Neil Munro
Says Islamism 'based on a lie'

Local reporter takes Obama to the woodshed on constitutionality of 'kill list'

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Reporter: Obama 'killing US citizens without due process,' 'leaking' constitutional abuses 'when it's politically expedient'

Orlando airport latest to ditch TSA in favor of private security

Politics | interns
Orlando Sanford International Airport has received approval to replace its TSA contingent with private security staff.

Book: Military feared use of taped comments

World | admin
Justice Dept. prosecutors were stunned to learn that the U.S. military had secretly tape recorded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Pentagon spending heavily on propaganda ops

World | Michael Bastasch
The Pentagon has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on marketing and propaganda campaigns dubbed “information operations” to win over local populations in Iraq and Afghanistan, USA Today reports. The funds dedicated to information operations grew from $9 million annually in 2005 to $580 million annually in 2009, according to USA Today. Last year [...]

Israel funded and trained Iranian terrorist group, US officials say

World | Michael Bastasch
In addition to murdering Iranian scientists, the group’s attacks may have destroyed a missile development site

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