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War on Women: Major Democratic donor severely beats girlfriend, only receives community service

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Gurbaksh Chahal has given over $108,000 to Dem causes since 2011

Female Dem candidate accuses Democrats of 'War on Women'

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‘Our campaign is not asking for special treatment, only equal access’

Bad data: Obama woos women with pay-gap pitch

President Obama speaks from the White House in Washington

Don’t pay attention to that data over there, he says

Can Republicans win the War on Women?

Lila Rose, President of Live Action - Grae Stafford:Daily Caller

‘We don’t want to be pitted against our children’

Why the 'war on women' propaganda won't work

Pelosi and Reid walk from the West Wing of the White House after a meeting with U.S. President Obama in Washington

Women overwhelmingly make healthcare decisions for their families, which is why 60 percent are against Obamacare

Mike Huckabee is right, and that's why progressives are upset


They don’t get angry because he’s wrong, they get angry because they fear he might be right.

Obama gets new prop for 'War on Women' campaign

Beyonce Knowles

Obamcare? the economy? — better change the subject before election day

Dem compares fighting tea party Republicans to prosecuting rapists

Campaign ad draws strange parallel

Obama stays neutral in Democratic War On Women

Jay Carney Obama

‘He’s commander in chief. He doesn’t oversee municipalities’

TheDC Morning: War on Women, forever

Hospital Abortion Ban Protest

It’s a slogan that the Democrats just won’t let go of.

BEDFORD: Obama loses war on women

President Barack Obama surrounded by lades. Carolyn Kaster/AP.

TheDC isn’t sorry that girls are pretty

Baseball and the GOP: To rebrand the party, think like a sports fan

Republicans need to connect with voters on an emotional level.

FLASHBACK: Obama broke with colleagues, voted present on protecting rape victims in '99 state Senate vote - TheDC

State Senator Obama

‘A victim’s co-worker researched the details of her assault in court files’

Binders full of gullible women

Do liberals think we’re stupid?

Did Raddatz ask abortion question to focus media on Obama 'war on women' playbook? - TheDC

‘I want to go back to the abortion question here’

Putting the 'War on Women' in context

On Tuesday, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl was shot for going to school.

Kristol: Democrats might abandon 'war on women' theme for DNC convention - TheDC

Weekly Standard editor says economic issues will replace ‘Republicans are anti-women’ attacks

'War on Women' fears are way overblown

Even adamantly pro-choice women have little to fear from a Romney/Ryan ticket.

Only thirty percent of ladies believe there's a 'war on women' - TheDC

Patty Murray

Poll: Despite breathless media coverage, most women find rhetoric unconvincing

Ann Coulter: Chris Hayes is a woman - TheDC


Hayes, a liberal writer, argued over Memorial day weekend that ‘we marshal this word in a way that is problematic’