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Everyone Is Talking About This Reporter's Meltdown At Senate Intelligence Hearing

Sports | John Wellington
Sad but hilarious...

Washington Capitals Coach Unexpectedly Resigns. Here's What We Know

| David Hookstead
This is crazy

Here's The One Thing T.J. Oshie Plans To Do With The Stanley Cup [VIDEO]

Sports | David Hookstead
It's a great plan

CAPS WIN: Did The Russians Hack The Stanely Cup Playoffs?

Video | Stephanie Hamill
Who buys the joke?

T.J. Oshie Drinking A Beer Through His Jersey Is What America Is All About [VIDEO]

Sports | David Hookstead

The Washington Capitals Parade Was Awful. There's No Excuse For The Abomination

Sports | David Hookstead
It was terrible

Deranged MSNBC Analyst Ruins Washington Capitals Celebration With His Pure Hatred For Trump

Media | Amber Athey
'Is there something wrong with me?'

The Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Hype Video Will Give You Chills

Sports | David Hookstead
It's awesome

The Ratings Are In For The Stanley Cup. They're Off The Charts

Sports | Jena Greene
Can you believe this?

WNBA Figures Out Way For People To Attend Games ... Show Men's Sports

Sports | David Hookstead
Big move

The Capitals Winning The Stanley Cup Represents Everything We Love About Sports

Sports | David Hookstead
Incredible journey

President Trump Reveals If He'll Invite The Capitals To Visit The White House

Sports | David Hookstead
What will happen?

T.J. Oshie Talking About His Dad After Winning The Stanley Cup Will Put Tears In Your Eyes

Sports | David Hookstead
It's emotional

Washington Capitals Win The Stanley Cup [VIDEO]

Sports | David Hookstead
Let's go!

Caps Player Will Not Attend White House If They Win Stanley Cup

Sports | Mike Brest
A missed opportunity

Who Would You Rather Date: A Vegas Knights Fan Or A Trump Supporter?

Entertainment | Julia Nista
The tally was a slim victory

This Washington Capitals Hype Video Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Wall

Sports | David Hookstead
Let's roll!

The Caps Better Crack Some Skulls, And Bring The Stanley Cup Home Tonight [VIDEO]

Sports | David Hookstead
Let's go!

Washington Capitals Star Rides The Metro To Stanley Cup Final Game. That's Really Dumb

Sports | David Hookstead
He didn't even have enough money on his Metro card

Capitals Smash The Vegas Golden Knights' Skulls In Game Four [VIDEO]

Sports | David Hookstead
Let's go!

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