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Robert Gibbs: President Obama 'stopped trying' to change Washington years ago

Former press secretary ‘thanks God’ he’s not still in the White House

City of Loafers: Snowfall brings out true Washington spirit


Everything closes as snow falls; rest of America still open for business

Capital's rulers slam local businesses

Black job seekers. Reuters.

Minimum wage hike could devastate teenage job seekers

Louisiana pastor gives wife stolen laptop for Christmas

Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist, checks a picture on his laptop after blending himself into the background in Caracas

Santa Claus dropped the ball on this one

Washington city employee pension invests in Iran

DC Pension Fund headquarters (Google); Alexey Miller with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Reuters); Joseph Bress (

Russian oil company refutes pension board’s self-exoneration

Protesters swarm Capitol to rally against NSA's mass surveillance

Protestors march towards Capitol Hill at the Stop Watching Us NSA march Saturday in Washington, D.C. Photo: Jake Harris/Daily Caller

‘Stop watching us!’

Anti-Gun group “Gets Religion” for latest gimmick - NRA - ILA


They don’t realize those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not

Obamacare exchange in Washington, D.C. won't be ready in time

Health Care Overhaul

More Obamacare hiccups as the nation nears the Oct. 1 launch

Jerusalem Post's new Washington bureau chief has record of violence, arrests

New Jerusalem Post Washington bureau chief Michael Wilner has an arrest record for violent crimes. Flickr

Michael Wilner took pleas on assault, disorderly conduct charges

DC Speaks on Trayvon

‘As a black person, I am an activist everyday because I always have to deal with racism’

Lawyers: Targeting of conservatives more vast than just Cincinnati, also involved DC office

IRS Facility Processes Tax Returns A Week Before Filing Deadline

IRS offices from sea to shining sea were involved in targeted audits of Obama opponents

District of Columbia: D.C. Council seeks to mandate discriminatory liability insurance for gun owners - NRA - ILA


“$250,000, before they are allowed to purchase a firearm”

ESPN The Magazine talks RGIII and Obama

Robert Griffin III

Career paths of the two most important men in Washington

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

Deer in a field. Jeff Gross/Getty Images.

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

Capitol Hill park closed by police to deal with suspicious package

Capitol Police

‘They’ve got squad cars and dog units. They taped off the park’

Trash cans around Capitol removed after Boston terrorist attack


Capitol Police ‘is being diligent in response to the events in Boston and taking additional practiced steps’

Poll: D.C. residents clueless about state of U.S. economy - TheDCNF


Outside Washington and the Bay Area, Americans are still pessimistic about the economy

Poll: 80 percent of Americans unhappy with Washington; 30 percent angry

Cherry Blossoms.JPEG

CBS News poll shows public has increasingly dim view of Obama, Republicans, direction of country

Here is the trailer for 'White House Down,' soon to be the greatest movie of 2013 [VIDEO]

Months after ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ premiered, another movie about the White House getting blown up

Hollywood just loves to blow up Washington, DC in movies [SLIDESHOW]

Travel back with us 60 years to take a look at 10 movies