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Poll: 80 percent of Americans unhappy with Washington; 30 percent angry

Cherry Blossoms.JPEG

CBS News poll shows public has increasingly dim view of Obama, Republicans, direction of country

Here is the trailer for 'White House Down,' soon to be the greatest movie of 2013 [VIDEO]

Months after ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ premiered, another movie about the White House getting blown up

Hollywood just loves to blow up Washington, DC in movies [SLIDESHOW]

Travel back with us 60 years to take a look at 10 movies

Democratic senator pushing higher taxes faces outstanding $1,200 tax penalty

Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

Sen. Mary Landrieu ran afoul of DC government, owes unspecified debt on mansion’s tax bill

Cigar Hunter: Washington tobaccophiles rejoice! A new cigar lounge is born - TheDC


TheDC’s executive editor smokes hand-rolled stogies, and doesn’t care if you approve

Redskins linebacker's family involved in gameday brawl, aunt hospitalized - TheDC

Redskins running back London Fletcher celebrating. Scott Cunningham / Getty Images.

London Fletcher blames the Cleveland Browns security for injuries sustained Sunday

Free vibrators give DC big buzz [VIDEO] - TheDC

Trojan trots out product line on a street corner in the nation’s capital

Hurricane Sandy slamming Washington D.C. metro area [VIDEO] - TheDC

Hurricane Sandy sattelite image.

‘Instead of 24 minutes of dangerous winds, it will be 24 hours of dangerous conditions’

Chris Matthews falsely claims to live in 'black majority' DC - TheDC

‘Hardball’ host quick to make accusations of racism misrepresents himself to viewers of MSNBC’s RNC coverage

Cop fired for escorting Charlie Sheen sues D.C. police department for $12M - AP

Charlie Sheen

The actor is caught up in a lawsuit involving an escort — but not that kind of escort

DC City Council members move against Uber sedan service - TheDC

A VIP sedan makes a quick exit

Members aim to limit competition, bring limo-linking company under Taxicab Commission’s authority

White House silent as pro-life bill nears passage - TheDC

Abortion Protest

Bill would ban abortions in Washington, DC, that occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy

15 reasons why Western civilization can still be saved - TheDC

Collison Eisenhower Memorial
The National Civic Art Society's proposals for how to commemorate Gen. Eisenhower

U.S. death toll in record heat wave reaches 52 - UPI

Maryland and Virginia have reported 10 deaths each

Second-highest ranking DC official resigns in disgrace - TheDC

DC Council Corruption.JPEG

DC Council chairman Kwame Brown resigns after criminal charges announced

Obama campaign committee sues store over logo use - AP

Obama Merchandise Lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed in Washington, the committee says is illegally selling products with two of its logos

AP wants prostitutes banned from DC bureau - TheDC


Associated Press is attempting to make their block a ‘prostitution free zone’

Marion Barry slurs one ethnic group while apologizing for slurring another - TheDC

Marion Barry's Clout

‘The Irish caught hell, the Jews caught hell, the Polacks caught hell’

DC police adopt new uniform accommodations for Sikhs to don turbans, beards - TheDC

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier

‘Nine years ago, Sikh Americans had to sue to become traffic enforcement officers’

DC fires 61 city employees for collecting unemployment while working - WaPo

DC Mayor Vincent Gray

Officials say they expect to fire more dishonest employees