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Democratic senator pushing higher taxes faces outstanding $1,200 tax penalty

Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

Sen. Mary Landrieu ran afoul of DC government, owes unspecified debt on mansion’s tax bill

Cigar Hunter: Washington tobaccophiles rejoice! A new cigar lounge is born - TheDC


TheDC’s executive editor smokes hand-rolled stogies, and doesn’t care if you approve

Redskins linebacker's family involved in gameday brawl, aunt hospitalized - TheDC

Redskins running back London Fletcher celebrating. Scott Cunningham / Getty Images.

London Fletcher blames the Cleveland Browns security for injuries sustained Sunday

Free vibrators give DC big buzz [VIDEO] - TheDC

Trojan trots out product line on a street corner in the nation’s capital

Hurricane Sandy slamming Washington D.C. metro area [VIDEO] - TheDC

Hurricane Sandy sattelite image.

‘Instead of 24 minutes of dangerous winds, it will be 24 hours of dangerous conditions’

Chris Matthews falsely claims to live in 'black majority' DC - TheDC

‘Hardball’ host quick to make accusations of racism misrepresents himself to viewers of MSNBC’s RNC coverage

Cop fired for escorting Charlie Sheen sues D.C. police department for $12M - AP

Charlie Sheen

The actor is caught up in a lawsuit involving an escort — but not that kind of escort

DC City Council members move against Uber sedan service - TheDC

A VIP sedan makes a quick exit

Members aim to limit competition, bring limo-linking company under Taxicab Commission’s authority

White House silent as pro-life bill nears passage - TheDC

Abortion Protest

Bill would ban abortions in Washington, DC, that occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy

15 reasons why Western civilization can still be saved - TheDC

Collison Eisenhower Memorial
The National Civic Art Society's proposals for how to commemorate Gen. Eisenhower

U.S. death toll in record heat wave reaches 52 - UPI

Maryland and Virginia have reported 10 deaths each

Second-highest ranking DC official resigns in disgrace - TheDC

DC Council Corruption.JPEG

DC Council chairman Kwame Brown resigns after criminal charges announced

Obama campaign committee sues store over logo use - AP

Obama Merchandise Lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed in Washington, the committee says is illegally selling products with two of its logos

AP wants prostitutes banned from DC bureau - TheDC


Associated Press is attempting to make their block a ‘prostitution free zone’

Marion Barry slurs one ethnic group while apologizing for slurring another - TheDC

Marion Barry's Clout

‘The Irish caught hell, the Jews caught hell, the Polacks caught hell’

DC police adopt new uniform accommodations for Sikhs to don turbans, beards - TheDC

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier

‘Nine years ago, Sikh Americans had to sue to become traffic enforcement officers’

DC fires 61 city employees for collecting unemployment while working - WaPo

DC Mayor Vincent Gray

Officials say they expect to fire more dishonest employees

Game on: Obama-Romney video mashup [VIDEO] - TheDC

Two days, two speeches, one stage: Talking points fly in as Obama, Romney go head-to-head

Gas reaches $5 per gallon at one DC station [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘It’s going to go up to 6 dollars soon, man’

Trump to redevelop historic Washington property - AP

Donald Trump

Donald Trump will be converting a historic building on Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue into a luxury hotel