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Washington Redskins To Recognize 1987 Replacement Players With This Great Honor

Sports | Katie Jerkovich

Redskins Issue Statement About Allegations Cheerleaders Forced To Act As 'Escorts'

Sports | Mike Brest

Former Redskin Signs With Rival, Then Calls Logo Racist

Sports | Sebastian Obando
'Didn't appreciate you'

This Is The 'Least Trusted' Executive In The NFL

Sports | Sebastian Obando
According to this poll

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Makes Disturbing Allegations Of Job Requirements

Sports | David Hookstead
How could this ever be allowed to happen?

Former NFL Running Back Managed To Wind Up Owing A Casino $190,000

Sports | Sebastian Obando
The money is gone

Kirk Cousins' Kid Looks Pretty Pumped To Be In Minnesota

Sports | Ford Springer
This might be the cutest thing on the Internet

Top Free Agent Targets Redskins Should Sign [SLIDESHOW]

Slideshow | Sebastian Obando
They need to make some serious changes

The Big Trade That's Shaking Up The NFL

Sports | Katie Jerkovich
Deal could save the team $17 million

RGIII Weighs In On Redskins Trading For Alex Smith With Great Response

Sports | David Hookstead
What do you think of his response?

An NFL Player Accuses Police Of Racial Profiling For Pulling Him Over While Speeding

Sports | Ford Springer
'I'm black, I got tattoos on my neck, I'm out here in a nice car'

FACT CHECK: Did The Washington Redskins Change Their Team Name?

Sports | Kush Desai
Activists have argued that the Washington Redskin's mascot is insensitive

NFL Drama Of The Day: Redskins Refuse To Participate In Color Rush

Sports | Jena Greene
The uniforms are ugly

Josh Norman Took His Cleats Off, Then Did This Nice Gesture For A Marine Corps Commandant

Sports | David Hookstead
It's a nice gesture

Washington Redskins Fan Drops Philadelphia Eagles Fan With Wicked Right Hook

Editorial | David Hookstead

'Monday Night Football' Ratings Down

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
That's not good news for the NFL

Sunday Night Football: Both Teams Protest The National Anthem

US | Henry Rodgers
'Do it with pride'

Maryland School Bans Students From Wearing Redskins Gear

Sports | Hannah Simmons
This is ridiculous

Former Redskins Star Contemplated Killing Investors Who Lost His Fortune

Sports | Ford Springer
'It wasn't no beat up. It was a kill'

Redskins Prevail In Dispute Over Team Name

US | Kevin Daley
Team's trademarks will be restored

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