wendy davis

Here's Why Are Feminists Are Already Mad About 'Justice League'

Video | Amber Athey
Let's break it down

Sandra Bullock To Star As Wendy Davis In Film About Abortion Filibuster

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
In the movie titled, 'Let Her Speak'

Steven Crowder Asks Feminists Why They're At the Women's March

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Wendy Davis: Trump Won Because Of An 'Under-Educated Electorate'

Elections | Chuck Ross
Claims 'right-wing conspiracy' to keep voters stupid

Wendy Davis Fears A Donald Trump Presidency

Politics | Katie Jerkovich
'We're likely to see...'

Are You Ready For... The Wendy Davis Show?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Is It Sexist To Ask Women In Politics Tough Questions?

Opinion | Scott Greer
Some like to hypocritically think so

The Seven Biggest Liberal Fails Of 2014

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Democrats liked the Senate majority they had, but couldn't keep it

Wendy Davis Says She Regrets Campaign Stance On Guns, Which She Took To Win Votes

Gun Laws & Legislation | Chuck Ross
'I felt like I'd strayed a bit...'

Magazine That Helped Elevate Wendy Davis Now Calls Her 'Bum Steer Of The Year'

Politics | Derek Hunter
What a difference a year makes, especially in politics.

Behind The Scenes Of Wendy Davis' Train Wreck Of A Campaign

Politics | Chuck Ross
'It doesn't seem to be getting better'

Bitter Feminists Blame White Women For Wendy Davis' Loss

Politics | Alex Griswold
Sexism meets racism

Radical Liberal Feminists Go Into Rage Spiral Over Election Night

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Election Day was not kind to radical feminists

R.I.P, 'War On Women'

Opinion | Gary Bauer
The real war is against the unborn, and increasingly, voters' credulity.

Greg Abbott Easily Defeats Wendy Davis

Politics | Chuck Ross
Rising star comes down to Earth

Lone Star Mistake: Texas Democratic Group Flubs Early Voter Turnout Analysis

Politics | Chuck Ross
'These numbers are grossly wrong'

Wendy Davis Ad: Greg Abbott Doesn't Want Blacks Voting

Politics | Alex Griswold
'Guess who Greg Abbott doesn't want to vote?'

BROKE: Wendy Davis Running Out Of Cash As Election Day Nears

Politics | Derek Hunter
Running on empty

Nobody's Buying Wendy Davis' Book

Politics | Chuck Ross
As successful as her campaign

Dem Who Mocked Greg Abbott's Wheelchair Claims She Didn't Say What She Said

Politics | Chuck Ross
Accuses Abbott's tracker of lying

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