Ethicists attack religious parents for refusing to pull the plug

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

Do religious people have the right to make end-of-life decisions for their own children?

Death panels on steroids

Opinion | Rita L. Marker & Wesley J. Smith

Some influential bioethicists think that government bureaucrats should be able to approve and facilitate suicides.

IPAB: the part of Obamacare that can't be repealed

Feature:Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

Obamacare includes provisions that make repealing the Independent Payment Advisory Board nearly impossible.

Obamacare ruling reflects technocratic imperative

op-ed | Wesley J. Smith

Why Thursday’s Obamacare ruling shouldn’t have surprised people.

'Futile care' duty to die may be coming to a hospital near you

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

The view that doctors aren’t obligated to provide patients with life-sustaining treatment is gaining ground.

Good grief: Now, it's pea personhood!

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

Why some ethicists are beginning to question the morality of vegetarianism.

Ecocide would be a crime against humanity

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

Radical environmentalists want to make exploiting natural resources for the benefit of humanity a crime.

Let's punish the promiscuous for increasing health care costs

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

Once you unleash the lifestyle police, there’s no turning back.

Peter Singer has no right to judge anyone's ethics

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

The New York Times has chosen the pro-infanticide ethicist to judge an essay contest on the morality of eating meat.

Wrongful birth lawsuits are wrongful

op-ed | Wesley J. Smith

What does the existence of ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuits say about our society?

The after-birth abortion advocates' non-apology apology

Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

The authors of a recent article about ‘aborting’ newborn babies have apologized for offending people but haven’t renounced their frightening ideas.

Latest infanticide push about more than killing babies

Feature:Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

The concept of human exceptionalism is under attack.

Santorum more right than wrong about Dutch euthanasia

op-ed | Wesley J. Smith

While he overstated some of the details, it’s true that many Dutch doctors practice death medicine.

Obama and Santorum agreed on the Terri Schiavo law

op-ed | Wesley J. Smith

Some in the media and the Democratic Party are trying to rewrite history. Here’s how the Schiavo case actually unfolded.

The killing-for-organs pushers

Editorial | Wesley J. Smith

Some academics think it would be a good idea to kill disabled people in order to harvest their organs.

Beware the 'rights of nature'

Editorial | Wesley J. Smith

Some environmentalists want plants and animals to have the same legal rights as people.

Should doctors be forced to kill?

Feature:Opinion | Wesley J. Smith

The time has come for Congress and state legislatures to pass strong laws protecting medical conscience.

Netherlands looks to expand euthanasia grounds to include lonely, poor - TheDC

World | Gracie Ferrell

Lack of ‘social skills, financial resources and a social network’ could justify assisted suicide

The principled way to permit medical marijuana

op-ed | Wesley J. Smith

Lawmakers should amend the Controlled Substances Act.