Bringing A Flag To Arlington Cemetery Can Get You One Year In Jail

US | Gabrielle Okun
Shutterstock/ SEATTLE - NOV 11: Flags at Headstones in Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, the "Arlington of the West," in Seattle WA on November 11, 2013. Chimes Tower in background.

‘They should allow it’

There Was A Pissing Match At The RNC

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
With actual piss

The Country's Most Hateful Church Group Joins In On The Pokemon Fun

US | Eric Lieberman
WASHINGTON, DC: A same sex couple kisses in front of Westboro Baptist Church protesters, at the U.S. Supreme Court, on March 27, 2013. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

‘Pokemon Go and sin no more’

Majority Of Dems OK With Criminalization Of Hate Speech

Politics | Blake Neff

41 percent of Americans supported such a laws, while only 38 percent were opposed (22 percent were unsure)

FBI Releases Its Files For Fred Phelps, Deceased Anti-Gay Pastor

US | Chuck Ross

‘May be in need of psychiatric care’

College Professor: Paper Attacked By Islamists Was 'Devoted To Hate Speech'

Education | Alex Griswold

Compares the paper to the Westboro Baptist Church

Occupy Tampa confronts Westboro Baptist Church [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Slideshow | Zach Gorelick

Occupy Tampa and local anarchist groups confronted the WBC Tuesday afternoon as police braced for clashes between the two extreme groups

Daily Kos calls for Westboro Baptist Church to protest at Breitbart funeral - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

‘Lets give back to Andrew what he has so generously given to us all these years. We could call this ‘Operation Sendaway”

KKK confronts Westboro Baptist protesters at Arlington Cemetery - CNN

US | Paul Conner
Funeral Protests

Virginia faction of Ku Klux Klan counters the church’s protest of dead soldiers

TheDC Exclusive: Palin clarifies statement on Supreme Court ruling - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

In a statement exclusive to TheDC, Palin says she agrees with the ruling in favor of Westboro Baptist Church

Reid blasts Supreme Court for free speech decision - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Sen. Harry Reid criticizes the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the right to demonstrate at the funerals of soldiers

Hacker group threatens judgement day on Westboro Baptist Church - TheDC

US | Josh Kinney

The hacker group ‘Anonymous’ posted an open letter threatening the Westboro Baptist Church and another letter denying the first

Westboro church calls off protest of girl's funeral in exchange for radio airtime - Toronto Sun

US | Vince Coglianese

The Westboro Baptist Church has agreed not to picket a nine-year-old girl’s funeral in exchange for airtime on radio stations in Arizona and Toronto

Lawmakers vote to ban picketing at Tucson funerals - WaPo

Politics | interns

Legislation blocks Westboro Baptist church from protesting at the funeral of 9 yr. old victim

TheDC Morning: Gov. Moonbeam sharpens his budget-cutting knives - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Westboro church to protest Elizabeth Edwards funeral - WaPo

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Kansas church known for its anti-homosexual protests will protest Elizabeth Edwards’s funeral in Raleigh, N.C.

TheDC Legal Overview: Free speech and the Westboro Baptist protests - TheDC

| The Daily Caller

The Supreme Court reviews free speech rights in light of the anti-gay military protests of the Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist comes to Washington - Forbes

US | interns

SCOTUS will hear Snyder v. Phelps case Wednesday, on First Amendment speech

Previewing Phelps v. Snyder

Opinion | Sam Singer

Will the Supreme Court uphold a multi-million dollar verdict against members of the church congregation that picketed at a Marine’s funeral?

Free speech at military funerals? - WaPo

US | interns

The Supreme Court will rule on the bounds of the first amendment in one family’s controversial picketing at military funerals