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Lady refuses to stop singing 'I Will Always Love You,' causes emergency landing, gets arrested

Just wanted to dance with somebody

Random girl wows with rendition of 'I Will Always Love You' at mall in the Philippines [VIDEO] - TheDC

This might be the best version of Whitney Houston’s song since the Taiwanese boy on Super Star Avenue

Listen to Whitney Houston's last recording [AUDIO] - TheDC

The late singer recorded a duet with former ‘American Idol’ Jordin Sparks for the upcoming movie, ‘Sparkle’

Bobby Brown: 'I'm not the reason she's gone' - TheDC

Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston’s ex-husband says he didn’t get the late singer hooked on drugs

Police say no crime occurred in Houston's death - AP

Whitney Houston

Coroner officials ruled heart disease and cocaine use contributed to singers death

Whitney Houston funeral cost NJ taxpayers $187k - TheDC

Whitney Houston

Nearly 200 police officers will be paid in overtime for their presence at the service

Autopsy: Whitney Houston found scarred, high, scalded, missing teeth - TheDC

Whitney Houston

Autopsy: Whitney Houston found scarred, high, scalded, missing teeth

Whitney Houston memorabilia sells for $80k at LA auction - AP

Whitney Houston

A bustier, a gown, and several pieces of jewelry worn by the singer were among the auctioned off items

Bobby Brown arrested on suspicion of DUI - AP

Bobby Brown

The R&B singer was taken in at noon Monday after failing a sobriety test

Houston died from drowning, coroner says [VIDEO] - AP

Heart disease and chronic cocaine use contributed to the singer’s death Feb. 11

Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wants to change name - NYP

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown

The daughter of Houston and Bobby Brown wants to drop ‘Bobbi’ from her name to cut ties with estranged father

Sister-in-law on Whitney Houston's death: 'Handwriting was kind of on the wall' - AP

Whitney Houston

Patricia Houston thought drugs would end up ‘taking’ the singer

Whitney Houston's will revealed: Bobbi Kristina gets everything, Bobby Brown gets nothing - THR

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Houston’s daughter will receive all of her mother’s money, furniture, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars

Can't kick the addic--tion - TheDCNF

Whitney Houston

Why celebrities can’t get over their destructive drug addictions

Mosaic artist creates portrait of Whitney Houston out of pills - TheDC

Whitney Houston

‘I find these pieces more honest than disrespectful’

Target pulls Whitney Houston greeting card off shelves - TheDC

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

It’s too early for Whitney Houston jokes

The prescription drug crisis: Et tu, Washington?

How government policy is contributing to the rising rate of prescription drug abuse.

Exclusive: Whitney Houston sent real bodyguard to rescue missing Atlanta boy [VIDEO] - TheDC

Private investigator Jake Schmidt rescued kidnapped child while working for the late Whitney Houston

How low can you go? Whitney Houston's lifeless body covers National Enquirer - TheDC

Whitney Houston

The tabloid says the cover image of the late singer in a casket before her funeral

Warner Bros. yanks Whitney Houston films from Netflix - TheDC

Whitney Houston

Production company wants to make money off DVD sales, pulls online streaming rights