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Comcast Turns Private Modems Into Public Hotspots

A Comcast sign is shown in San Francisco

Promises to maintain security and speed

This WiFi virus is contagious like the common cold -- and scary

A woman walks past a WiFi-enabled phone booth in New York

‘We demonstrated that this is possible and that it can spread quickly’

Cell carriers adjust for heavy traffic in Boston, encourage texting

marathon phone Alex Trautwig Getty Images

AT&T said it would leave temporary Boston Marathon WiFi for extended time

America's Real Wireless Problem Isn't Too Little WiFi


It is scandalous that America’s most valuable 21st century natural resource, spectrum, is still bureaucratically-hoarded

Washington Post free WiFi story 'almost entirely fiction,' says analyst - TheDC

Free WiFi

WaPo said Sunday that a plan by the FCC was in place to create a free WiFi ‘super network’

FCC wants free WiFi for all - TheDC

Free WiFi

New plan for fast, free wireless Internet met with resistance by telecom companies

FCC promises to free up spectrum for 35 percent faster WiFi - TheDC

Julius Genachowski

‘We’ll keep nurturing today’s Wi-Fi as we also develop a next generation of spectrum policies’