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Wikipedia Speaks Out Against The Right To Be Forgotten


A ‘direct threat’ to Wikipedia’s mission

New York Times Journalist Accused Of Plagiarizing Wikipedia

‘All news that’s fit to print’ apparently now includes Wikipedia entries

House Of Representatives Banned From Editing Wikipedia

‘Disruptive edits’ lead Wikipedia to kick off 9,000 staffers for 10-day ban

The Top 7 Congressional Edits To Wikipedia


The Congress Edits Twitter account has already found plenty of crazy edits to Wikipedia from the Hill

New Twitter Accounts Announce Wikipedia Edits By Government Officials

‘There is an incredible yearning in this country… to provide more transparency about our democracies’

Wikipedia is 'very masculine,' so feminists pledge to fix it

Wikipedia / Wikipedia screenshot

‘It’s aesthetically very masculine in its design’

Med students are now getting academic credit for editing Wikipedia pages

doctors. Photo: Getty Images/Sean Justice

‘I’m not worried about them slacking’

Adam Lanza: Wikipedia author

Adam Lanza. Photo: Getty Images

Sandy Hook mass murderer obsessed over Wikipedia entries, online gun message boards

Wikipedia editor suggests deleting article on alleged murderer and disgraced abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Abortion Clinic Investigation.JPEG

One editor tried to delete page, claiming it is a local Pennsylvania story

Excited fans prank Robert Morris's Wikipedia page


Head coach’s name trolled, Kentucky’s plight relished

Hoax article detailing fake war stayed up on Wikipedia for five years


It was voted a ‘good article’ by Wikipedia’s readers

Wikipedia shuts down Russian site protesting Russia's new Internet blacklist - TheDC

Vladimir Putin

Vote comes a week after the UN Human Rights Council approved a resolution to protect the free flow of information online

Obama 'Forward' campaign slogan inspires Wikipedia editing war - TheDC

War Games

Wikipedia editors, vandals fight back and forth over the socialist roots of Obama’s catchphrase

Soledad O'Brien Wikipedia page on lockdown following Critical Race Theory fracas - TheDC


Soledad O’Brien Wikipedia page on lockdown following Critical Race Theory fracas

Wikipedia editor responds to 'Critical Race Theory' edit war - TheDC

Internet Protest

Article reverted to pre-CNN-debate status, mentioning ‘white supremacy’ twice — and likely displeasing Soledad O’Brien

Wikipedia vandals attack Rolling Stone blogger who cheered Breitbart's death - TheDC

On March 1, 2011 the Wikipedia page of Rolling Stone blogger Matt Taibbi was vandalized, including by one person who replaced his photo with a picture of elephant dung. The vandals were reportedly angry about a blog article Taibbi wrote, in which he said he "couldn't be happier" about the death, less than 24 hours earlier, of conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart (Wikipedia)

‘Faux journalist,’ ‘douche,’ ‘piece of human excrement’

Reid postpones Tuesday PIPA vote - TheDC

Harry Reid

Anonymous launched a full scale assault that simultaneously made several websites inaccessible

Reid postpones vote on anti-piracy bill - AP

Wikipedia protest against proposed legislation

Said he was putting off a procedural vote set for Tuesday ‘in light of recent events’

SOPA protests caused panic, crashed government websites - TheDC

Patrick Leahy

High traffic caused congressional websites to crash Wednesday

The SOPA blackout [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

TheDC searched far and wide for protest banners placed on websites