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Half Of All Wiretaps Happened In Just Four States Last Year

An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin

Reports shows increasing number of wiretaps, but also increased resistance

Special-ed student who recorded being bullied on his iPad threatened with felony wiretapping charges

Elementary school children use electronic tablets on the first day of class in the new school year in Nice

‘I wanted it to stop. I just felt like nothing was being done’

Government sues Sprint for overcharging secret wiretaps on Americans

People walk past a Sprint store in New York

‘Sprint overbilled law enforcement agencies for carrying out court-ordered intercepts’

'Crowdpilot' app lets strangers LISTEN to your PHONE CALLS


‘Maybe you’ll think it’s terrifying. Or maybe you’ll find it’s actually it’s kind of wonderful and fun’

US ambassador to Russia has 'NO DOUBT' he's being wiretapped by Putin

Claims Russian government has published his private conversations

Bush-era whistle-blower: Obama was NSA wiretap victim in 2004

Russ Tice

Russ Tice claims NSA targeted members of Congress, judges and military officials

Biden in 2006: 'Don't count me in' on trusting NSA phone surveillance

Then-senator called program ‘very, very intrusive’ and raised alarm about ‘extraneous information’

President Obama has lost The New York Times

New York Times HQ. Getty Images.

‘Mr. Obama is proving the truism that the executive will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it’

Obama surveillance prompts jeers and cheers

White House officials claim that conversations aren’t being recorded

Comey, anti-gun Chicago-trained enforcer, reportedly tapped to run FBI


Established gun control program supported by both NRA and Brady Campaign; opposed domestic surveillance program

CBS's Attkisson reports 'some compromising of my computer systems'


Investigative reporter says she discovered tampering while investigating Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ and green energy scandals

Security experts warn government is making the Internet unsafe


Say, couldn’t hackers take advantage of mandated invulnerabilities?

AP president rips 'unconstitutional' Obama administration investigation

Newswire’s CEO Gary Pruitt argues Justice Department violated its own rules in casting a ‘broad, sweeping collection’

Holder: AP probe involved 'very serious leak' that 'put the American people at risk'

Obama Justice Budget.JPEG

Embattled AG calls leak both ‘very serious’ and ‘very, very serious’

Carney: White House has 'no knowledge' of DOJ efforts to obtain AP phone records


‘We are not involved in decisions’

Obama hopes for extended crisis atmosphere

Boston Marathon Explosions.JPEG

President tells millionaires he wants to ‘see if we can institutionalize’ emergency-related public unity

DOJ on secretly obtaining AP phone records: 'we value the freedom of the press'

Obama Justice Budget.JPEG

AP president says the seizure of phone records has ‘no possible justification’

Alleged McConnell eavesdropper has prior trespass arrest


One of the pair linked to the bugging of a Mitch McConnell strategy session was busted in November, also has previous arrest

Progress Kentucky PAC behind illegally recorded McConnell tape, says Louisville NPR affiliate

McConnell Secret Recording.JPEG

Progress Kentucky PAC behind illegally recorded McConnell tape, says Louisville NPR affiliate