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These World Cup T-shirts are too sexy for Adidas

sexy world cup tshirts

The shirts are encouraging ‘sexual tourism,’ the booty-laden country claimed

Brazil will use robots to police the 2014 World Cup


iRobot to provide security for FIFA summer games

More unrest in Brazil with the World Cup only five months away

People watch fireworks exploding over Copacabana beach during New Year celebrations at the Pavao Pavaozinho slum in Rio de Janeiro

‘We really thought things had gotten better here’

Legendary Portuguese soccer player passes away

Photo: Statue of Portuguese Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, no Estádio do Benfica/ P. Fernandes 2008

Legendary Portuguese soccer player passes away

10 of the worst calls in sports history [VIDEO] - TheDC

Refs, officials and judges foul up at the most inopportune times

When World Cup meets stocks, soccer wins - AP

South Korea Saudi Arabia AFC Champions League Soccer

Study from European Central Bank found soccer World Cup has huge impact; many stock exchanges halt when games are on

Worawi Makudi denies misuse of funds - AP

Worawi said the land had been transferred to the Football Association of Thailand

US can't pull off one last thriller at World Cup - AP

Germany Soccer WWCup Final Japan USA

‘There are really no words … We were so close’

Japan wins Women's World Cup - CBS News

The U.S. loses to Japan in women’s soccer match

Clinton has high hopes for US women at World Cup - AP


‘I’ve just got the highest hopes that this great team, which has such resilience, will be coming back and winning for the U.S.’

Qatar you kidding? - TheDC

Fan behavior may have to be Shariah-compliant at 2022 Qatar World Cup

Miners' rescue among top Web events - CNN

An internet monitor found the rescue of Chile’s trapped minors to be one of the most-watched Web events

TheDC's Sports Authority: Week 3 picks - TheDC

Sports columnist Andy Hayes breaks down Week 3 of the NFL season with analysis and predictions

Where the WAGs are: NFL edition [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

WAGs are the real reason we’re ready for some football this autumn. While it was a strenuous task, we’ve narrowed down the sixteen hottest to make up a real fantasy team

Pope bans vuvuzelas on British tour - The Daily Telegraph

The pope has banned faithful followers from bringing vuvuzelas to his public appearances on his UK tour

Claims North Korea squad were 'tortured' after early exit - Daily Mail

FIFA has launched an investigation into allegations that the North Korean World Cup coach and players were punished by the government after they lost

Celeb kisses that raise the temperature - Hello Magazine

Among the three couples nominated for best celebrity P.D.A., voters chose World Cup winner Iker Casillas and his reporter girlfriend Sara Carbonero as their No.1

Spain is on a major sports streak this year - LAT

Savoring its World Cup victory, the nation also boasts champions in tennis, motor racing, the Tour de France — even the NBA

White House bravely condemns Al Qaeda human resources department

In the last seven days, it’s been made clear that Tea Party members are racist, state’s rights advocates are racist, Republicans are racist, and Black Panthers who want to kill white babies are, somehow, not all that racist

Islamists strike at Africa's World Cup, 64 dead [VIDEO] - Telegraph

The group, which claims links with al-Queda, is based in Somalia; the attacks targeted World Cup fans and killed at least 64 people