Undefeated Wrestler Gets Matched Up With Opponent With Down Syndrome, Pulls Classiest Move Imaginable

Sports | David Hookstead

‘He wanted a match, and I wanted to tangle with him’

'The American Dream' Just Died

Sports | Grae Stafford

‘Runnels became a hero to fans around the world thanks to his work ethic’

We Should Praise the WWE's Use of Vladimir Putin

Opinion | David Meyers
Connor The Stone Crusher Michalek-WWE

They’re educating their readers about an important global problem.

Barebacking HIV-positive college wrestler made 32 videos of his exploits

Education | Eric Owens
Collage: Instagram/tigermandingo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch screenshot, Instagram/tigermandingo

The weird story of Tiger Mandingo just got weirder

World Wrestling Entertainment touts far-reaching military outreach programs

Politics | Rusty Weiss
WWE-Superstorm Sandy.JPEG

‘We respect and love our soldiers for giving us the freedoms we have in this country’

Selling out the soul of the Olympic Games

Opinion | Eric Pearson

Eliminating wrestling from the Olympics doesn’t just damage a sport, it tarnishes the Olympic brand.

Russian wrestling coach: gays will rule world if Olympic removes wrestling

Sports | Russia Today
Olympic Wrestling
Uruimagov warns the future of humanity is now at stake

Erotic gay wrestler 'Kid Leopard' now fundraising for Elizabeth Warren - TheDC

Elections | Alex Pappas
Elizabeth Warren, chairwoman of the TARP oversight panel

Online nude male wrestling mogul ‘Kid Leopard’ wrangles LGBT donors for embattled Massachusetts Democrat

Iowa wrestling standout refuses to face girl - AP

Sports | admin

Sophomore said his religious beliefs wouldn’t allow him to wrestle Cassy Herkelman

Sumo scandal weighs heavily in Japan - AP

Business | admin

Sumo scandal widens, wrestlers admit match fixing

Obama still 'wrestling' with gay marriage question - AP

Politics | admin

Will he change his position?

Wrestling's McMahon, NBA's Bradley lose elections - AP

Politics | admin

Tuesday was an Election Day when sports and politics crossed paths

Conn. judge says WWE fans can wear garb to polls - AP

Business | admin

The spokesman of Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a Democrat, said such items could be construed as political given Linda McMahon’s candidacy

Men accused of wrestling python outside McDonald's - AP

Sports | admin

‘In all honesty, it’s just a case of dumb and dumber,’ detective says

INTERVIEW: McMahon, Schiff paint Connecticut red - TheDC

Politics | Matt Purple

Linda McMahon is a petite and friendly woman with that magnetic smile that political consultants crave. But when she starts talking about the Democrats’ financial reform package, she gets a bit of an edge in her voice

Local wrestling gives WWE a smackdown - The Daily Caller

Sports | interns

Tired of the WWE’s absurdity? We’ve got your back

The Age of Obama: Anno Domini 2

| admin

In the real world, as opposed to what French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls President Barack Obama’s "virtual world," America faces the reality of Iran’s intransigence and aggressiveness; China’s headlong pursuit of its own national, regional, and global interests; Russia’s determination to regain its Near Abroad;