Yelp To Out Businesses With No Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

US | Eric Lieberman
Gender neutral bathroom sign design. [Shutterstock - Barry Blackburn]

‘The need to speak up on these issues has become depressingly more frequent’

Yelp Appealing Court Order Forcing It To Remove Negative Comment

Business | Eric Lieberman
[Shutterstock - Phoenixns - 304216445]

The case has (almost) reached the final rung of the judicial ladder

Waiting In Line For Restaurants Is Thing Of The Past, Thanks To New App

Business | Eric Lieberman
Large group of people waiting in restaurant line. [Shutterstock - Gemenacom]

No more waiting in line

Restaurant Manager Responds To Angry Patron Who Left Fecal Mess During Happy Hour

US | Steve Birr
Happy hour drinks. (Arina P Habich/Shutterstock)

‘Never return to any of our establishments until you are potty trained’

Tech Giants Push Back Against Cybersecurity Bill Over Privacy Concerns

Tech | Steve Ambrose
System Lock
Technology groups, led by trade associations and privacy groups, have come out in droves to oppose the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)

Study: 'Sharing Economy' Trumps Government Regulations

Business | Peter Fricke

Internet obviates need for costly regulations to reduce information asymmetry

Write A Negative Review Of This Hotel? Rack Up A $500 Fine

US | Aaron Bandler

‘If your guests are looking for a Marriott type hotel they may not like it here’

Now Any Schmuck Can Give Guided Tours Of Washington, DC Thanks To That Darn First Amendment

US | Eric Owens

Appeals court utterly smacks down lawyers defending peculiar local ordinance

Yelp takes a SLAPP at free speech

Opinion | Curtis Tate

The company only receives 6 subpoenas a month, so fears of a deluge are overstated.

Fake online reviewers BUSTED

US | Brendan Bordelon

‘Large-scale, intentional deceit across the Internet’

Yelp pushes back, says allegations it fixes reviews are 'demonstrably false' - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

Last week, the FTC publicly released 685 complaints against the company

FOIA release from FTC outs Yelp as 'Internet Mafia' - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

Claim: ‘If you do not pay for advertising they remove your good reviews’

Yelp to let you know whether you should or should not eat the chicken - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

The information would be communicated to users through a health score

Top 5 reasons the FTC made the right decision on Google

Opinion | Doug Kellogg
Google Antitrust Probe

Permanent government regulation of Internet search was a plausible outcome

FTC Gives Google a Free Pass

Opinion | Zack Christenson

Google has a long history of being accused of these anti-competitive search practices.