Become A Yogi With These Colorful Beginner Mats

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Various Equipment For Badminton, Golf And Yoga Are On Sale With These Codes

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January is about self-improvement

Journalist Defending Trump Cabinet Death Threats Called Obama A 'Lightworker' Sent To 'Help Us Evolve'

Politics | Eric Owens
Shutterstock/Vitezslav Valka, Getty Images/Emmanuel Dunand

Did Obama ‘actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet’?

Yoga: How The West Has Missed The Point

Opinion | Radhika Vachani
fitness, people and recreation concept - couple doing yoga in tree pose from back over exotic tropical beach background (Shutterstock/Syda Productions)

Yoga has never been exercise program, but a path to mental stillness.

Women May Be Flocking To Yoga To Stave Off Mental Illness, New Study Finds

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Yoga instructor Sarah Henry leads a class during a paddleboard yoga session at Adventure Sports Miami on July 10, 2011 in Miami, Florida. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

This could explain the discipline gender disparity.

The "Goat Yoga" Craze: Pagan Hucksterism Run Amok?

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence

American yoga, it’s hard to tell the kids – from the kids.

DC Yoga Teacher Found Dead After Disappearing On Way To Christmas Dinner

US | Eric Lieberman
Recent crime scene with chalk outline. [Shutterstock - Fer Gregory]

‘Tricia is gone, they have found her body’

Congressman Wants To Cut Bureaucrats' Free Yoga

Politics | Kathryn Watson
'The government isn't Google'

On Church And Yoga

Opinion | Michael C. Kerrigan

Following these rules of separation won’t necessarily draw you closer to God or strengthen your core. But it can’t hurt.

Behind The Yoga Boom: Narcissism, Irreligion, Or Just Fitness?

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence

Conservatives are right to be concerned about the “yoga-fication” of American culture.

University Of Ottawa Cancels 'Exclusive' And 'Insensitive' Yoga Classes

Education | Philip DeVoe
University of Ottawa / Wikimedia Commons

‘People are just looking for a reason to be offended by anything they can find’

You're Paying For Free Yoga For Federal Bureaucrats

Politics | Kathryn Watson
Photo by Amanda Mills (CDC Photo)

‘Some kind of weird reversal of economic principles’

Occupational Licensing Rules Benefit Industry Insiders, Hurt Consumers

| Jesse Hathaway
Yoga On Beach (Getty Images)

Colorado cracks down on yoga studios, while Oregon cracks down on music therapists

Wednesday Workout: Sweat Out The MDW Hangover With Dubai's Hottest Yoga Master

Entertainment | Christian Datoc
Megan Joy (Instagram)

Megan Joy… oh, boy!!!

India's Prime Minister Recommends YOGA To Stop Global Warming

World | Eric Owens
Yoga On Beach (Getty Images)

Will downward dog, child’s pose and frog king save the earth?

Yoga Instructor Arrested After Flashing Boobs At Bar Mitzvah

US | Eric Owens
KSAZ screenshot

‘I have never done this before’

Is 'Yoga-Gate' Next? Hillary's Bizarre But Calculating Revelations

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence

Her biggest challenge is convincing voters of her youthfulness and vigor.