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Watch the single worst YouTube video ever -- and we mean that - TheDC

Gangnam Style meets Freaks and Geeks, with a side of American Idol’s William Hung

Judge won't order removal of anti-Islam YouTube video at center of Benghazi debate - TheDC

Innocence of Muslims lawsuit

Actress claimed filmmaker duped her into appearing in short film that mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad

'Chicken, chicken, chicken!': Gospel singer thankful for poultry [VIDEO] - TheDC

Delicious Fried Chicken

‘Hallelujah! … I believe that chicken died so that we — might — live!’

Top 10: Most embarrassing, cringeworthy videos on the Internet [VIDEO] - TheDCNF

All great graduation speeches involve a famous quote — just usually not from white rappers

Turkey to block access to anti-Islam film - AP

US Anti Muslim Film Lawsuit

Thousands of other websites, most of them pornographic, have also been banned in the country.

Brazilian court bans anti-Islam film from YouTube - AP

Brazil Prophet Film

Google said Tuesday that it was appealing the decision.

White House hedges on claim anti-Islam YouTube video caused Benghazi attack - TheDC

Mideast Libya

‘We made that assessment based on the evidence we have … at this time’

ACLU 'concerned' about White House request that YouTube 'review' anti-Muslim video - TheDC


‘We do get concerned when the federal government appears to throw its weight behind a request for self-censorship’

White House blames video, not Islamic politics, for embassy crisis - TheDC

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Libya Dead

Carney: Criticism of Obama ‘has been both factually wrong and poorly timed’

UPDATE: YouTube denies Obama's censorship request of anti-Islam video - TheDC


Obama submits to Brotherhood, asks for suppression of anti-Islam video

Google denies YouTube will get special treatment under new antipiracy policy - CNET

YouTube News Source

Google says it will take in to account valid copyright removal notices submitted through Web search and directly through YouTube.

Boaters survive chilling 'iceberg tsunami' in Greenland [VIDEO] - TheDC

Iceberg Tsunami

‘Tsunami’ hurtles toward shocked tourists

Daily Caller Patriot: William 'Third Eagle Apocalypse' Tapley [VIDEO] - TheDC

Third Eagle's Prophecies and Warnings

The YouTube user wrote a song that Mitt Romney can use in campaign ads and will also save us from the rapture

YouTube restores previously removed Romney ad following copyright claim - TheDC

YouTube News Source

Legal experts had said the removal may have been abuse of ‘fair use’ law

Legal experts: YouTube's removal of Romney ad may abuse 'fair use' law - TheDC

‘So much important political speech has been taken down because the copyright holder can’t be bothered to do anything else’

Study: Viewers turning to YouTube as news source - AP


More than a third of the most-watched videos came from citizens.

'Dancing Matt' waltzes across the globe in latest YouTube hit [VIDEO] - TheDC

Matt Harding visited war-torn and isolated countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, and North Korea in latest installment of YouTube sensation

Watch 60,000 dominos fall at once [VIDEO] - TheDC

One YouTuber spent just under 65 hours and thirty minutes over 8 days assembling 60,000 dominos only to watch them fall down in roughly 12 seconds

NASA covered up spaceship near Sun, YouTuber claims - Fox News

Solar Storm

An object that looks strikingly similar to another massive, rectangular object hovering near the Sun discovered last month.

With TV flare digital outlets try a broadcast rite - AP


Internet video wants some of television’s ad dollars, and it’s not above a little copycatting to help the cause.