Michelle Obama Reduced To Appearing On Some YouTube Cat Show

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‘Fernwood 2 Night’ is possible next stop

Here Is How NOT To Use A Taser

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Metal is a conductor, bro

This Is The Real Reason Apple Watch Costs $10,000

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‘HO-LY Shit’


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President strikes professorial tone, gets facts wrong in YouTube interview

Once Again, Media Outlets Fall For Fake Viral Video

US | Alex Griswold
Euclid Liquoe

Heartwarming video about a generous homeless man was STAGED

'Gangnam Style' Has So Many Views It Finally Broke YouTube

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‘We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer’

'You're Sleeping On The Couch!' This Father's Spider Kid Prank Is A Work Of Evil Genius

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This dad is definitely in the dog house

Seven Myths About Net Neutrality Regulation

Opinion | Zack Christenson
Pro-net neutrality Internet activists rally in the neighborhood where U.S. President Obama attended a fundraiser in Los Angeles

There is no Internet monopoly. Stop saying there is one.

Kim Kardashian Invited To Speak At Tech Conference

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The reality star headlines alongside CEOs of YouTube and T-Mobile

John Oliver Hilariously Responds To YouTube Comments

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‘I don’t even understand why the audience is laughing’

Kid LOSES It When His Mom Tells Him She's Pregnant Again

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‘This makes no sense!’

BMW's 'Driftmob' Is The Most Epic Flash Mob EVER

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‘They’re definitely some of the best in the world’

Little Girl Wails When She Learns Her Baby Brother Will Grow Up

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‘I don’t want him to grow up!’

The Treadmill Dance Guys Are Back With A New Music Video

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Can this top the dance?

Don't Like YouTube's New Rules? Say Goodbye To Your Videos

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Adele might have to ‘find someone like YouTube’ and promote her videos elsewhere

Getting Its Game On: YouTube To Acquire Twitch

Business | Katie Frates
Visitors stand in front of a logo of YouTube at the YouTube Space Tokyo, operated by Google, in Tokyo

Twitch is the fourth largest source of internet traffic behind Netflix, Google and Apple

The genius tribute to Dunkin Donuts you never knew you needed

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“I want Dunkin Love, open all night”

YouTube ordered to remove anti-Islamic video

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Innocence of Muslims

Actress receives death threats for appearing in ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Father's plea to see his deceased son's Facebook video goes viral

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‘I want to see my son’s video. His name is Jesse Berlin, so please help me’